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Zezorro, Baltimore Riots, Saudi Arabia Updates – ITEL Radio – 5.2.15

In what proved to be a technically challenging show, Zezorro from, joined Inside the Eye – Live! from Warsaw, Poland, to discuss latest developments coming out of Poland, Ukraine, and Russia. The final hour with Zezorro was marred with technical difficulties requiring Revolution Radio studio intervention which cleared up the stream towards that final 1/3 of an hour of the show.

Saudi Arabia – Major Government Overhaul Announcements

Saudi Arabia's new King Salman (centre) speaks with Crown Prince and Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef (left) at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, on January 27, 2015 (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

Saudi Arabia’s new King Salman (centre) speaks with Crown Prince and Interior Minister Mohammed bin Nayef (left) at King Khalid International Airport in Riyadh, on January 27, 2015 (AFP Photo/Saul Loeb)

The Middle East (and pretty much the rest of the world that has interests here) was greeted this week to major announcements regarding an overhaul of the Saudi government, including the line of succession to the throne.

Crown Prince Moqren, who is the last surviving son the kingdom’s founder Abdul Aziz Bin Saud – was relieved of his duties as Crown Prince. This is the first time this has ever occurred. A statement from the royal court, carried by the Saudi Press Agency, said Prince Moqren’s removal was a response to “what he had expressed about his desire to be relieved from the position of crown prince.”

King Salman on Wednesday named his 55-year-old nephew Prince Mohammed Bin Nayef as the new crown prince. Prince Nayef is considered to be the most powerful person in Saudi Arabia after the King as he held the position of interior minister who once led a crackdown on internal dissent – now called al Qaeda in local papers.

King Salman also named one of his sons, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman, to be deputy crown prince — ensuring power will pass to a new generation after his death.

Mohammed Bin Salman, whose exact age is not known but who is in his early 30s, will also remain as defence minister, overseeing the Saudi-led air war against Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen.
The two new crown princes are said to have a very good relationship with the United States.

Other changes included the following:

Foreign Minister, Prince Saud Al Faisal who held the post for four decades, stepped down for health reasons. Prince Faisal, who had been the world’s longest-serving top diplomat, was replaced by the current Ambassador to the United States, 53 year old Adel Al Jubeir. Jubeir — a rare member of the Saudi ruling elite not from the royal family — has been Riyadh’s ambassador to Washington for eight years and at the forefront of the kingdom’s public relations efforts.

Former Saudi Ambassador to the United States and new names Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel Al Jubeir - source - Arabnews

Former Saudi Ambassador to the United States and new names Foreign Minister of Saudi Arabia, Adel Al Jubeir – source – Arabnews

Salman name Khalid Al Falih, the head of oil giant Saudi Aramco, as Health Minister and moved Labor Minister Adel Fakiah to the post of Minister of Economy and Planning.

All of this government reshuffling was conducted under the shadow of Saudi Arabia’s military operations against Houthi elements in Yemen, a conflict that has seen military operations against Saudi Arabia along Yemen’s border as well as a heavy and sustained air campaign by Saudi Arabia and allies against targets inside Yemen.

Baltimore Riots Fall-out and Competing Narratives


Now that the “rioters” have pretty much destroyed their city and stolen and looted everything in sight, now comes the season of competing narratives in an time tried ritual of swaying the public to accept any given set of political realities.

In the case of the Baltimore riots, charges have been brought against those police officers who were responsible for the whole fiasco. The funny part is, the police is run by a black police chief, the city’s major is black, the city council is majority black, and the officers being charged with the most serious of crimes, to include murder, were all black.

Solution? Blame Whitey.

The truth of the matter remains: the real issues facing black communities is blacks themselves, and no amount of money or external effort is going to be able to salvage the situation.

Zezorro – East Europe Updates


The Internet connection was not of a sufficient quality for to enable a quality conversation with Zezorro, however, we managed to get through the entire interview.

There is good information contained within the interview, although the quality was jittery, but not so that words were largely broken.

We began the discussion with some insights on the upcoming elections and how these elections are the first to come along that will see a replacement of the coup d’etat that was engineered when the Presidential plane of Poland went down near Smolensk in Russia.

The conversation meandered to the Night Wolves biker club, Maidan sniper training in Poland, and quite a bit more.

The information was very good but one has to admittedly deal with sub-standard audio. However, still worth a listen. The audio clears up as the studio stepped in to assist in producing the show.

Zapoper from edited much of the technical issues

Zezorro can be found at

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Zezorro – 5.2.15


You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.2.15