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Kevin MacDonald on ITEL Radio – 9.20.14

A copy of the Referendum on independence for Scotland

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, a site dedicated to advocacy of European rights and culture, joined Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, Sept.20, 2014. Issues discussed included the latest results and underlying dynamics and implications of the failed referendum for Scottish Independence, a referendum that Kevin MacDonald stated that he was personally interested in seeing a vote for secession.

In addition, the conversation included an in-depth look at “Meritocracy” and its failed application within America’s higher education institutions.


From California’s “Prop 109″, a voter referendum that was supposed to eliminate liberal bias towards minorities to the rather glaring discrepancy of Jews as both educators and students at Harvard (and other IVY school campuses), the failure of America to operate within any semblance of “merit” for its vast reservoir of college bound students and its potential implications for the future of America.

In addition, the conversation included a segment of the challenges facing European Americans in schooling their children to prepare them for the competitive world within which we all live.

Quite a bit more was covered in this illuminating hour of conversation.

You can hear the entire interview here:


Poroshenko – Insight into Delusion

Poroshenko appearing before a Joint Session of Congress - EVIN R. WEXLER/staff photographer,

Poroshenko appearing before a Joint Session of Congress – EVIN R. WEXLER/staff photographer,

The second hour of the show was dedicated to an analysis and commentary on the rather dishonest and delusional rantings of the Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko before a Joint Session of Congress on Sept 18. In this speech we saw words and phrases that are largely used by Jewish kabballists and hence the idea was put forward that the speech was written by someone affiliated with the Jewish (Israeli) project.

Tropical Storm Mario Floods Manila

Flooding in Manila, Tropical Storm Mario - Photo By ROMEO RANOCO/REUTERS

Flooding in Manila, Tropical Storm Mario – Photo By ROMEO RANOCO/REUTERS

The first hour provided some insights on the damage being caused by Tropical Storm Mario that went through Manila. In addition, the Scottish Independence Referendum and a pilots strike at Air France fill-out the first hour.

Zezorro, from, was a no show for his appearance on Hour #2 due to some technical issues with Skype. That interview date is in the process of being rescheduled and the interview date can be followed at the Scheduled Guests page.

You can hear the entire show, including the Kevin MacDonald interview, here:


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