July, 2012


ITEL 7.21.2012 – False Flags and Malicious Media Deceptions

It is no secret that the Jewish state exists purely to perpetuate tyranny and war. It is the nature of their religion and culture. This week, we saw this cultural aversion to perversion on full display with two apparent false flags: a “tourist bus bombing” in Bulgaria, and an assault on moviegoer’s at a theater in Aurora, Colorado. In each of these seeming tragic incidents may be found seeds that benefit Jewish interests and the State of Israel. Inside the Eye – Live! dove headlong into these two issues, revealingRead More

Explosions on Bulgarian Tarmac Buses Carrying Jewish Tourists – False Flag Probable

Jewish controlled media organs, aka “The Main Stream Media”, have launched an all out blitz on the general public by serving as mouthpieces for the Jewish state. Across virtually the entire media spectrum, opening lines read “Israel Blames Iran“. The story is being supported by a pretty stupid video of a kid who just happens to walk into the middle of a passenger terminal carrying a backpack, and then walks back. Jews will have you believe that the backpack shown in the video would cause the representative damage to twoRead More

The Arab Spring – A Neocon Plan for Global Domination

In geopolitics, it is best to presume that nothing is as it appears.  Surely, this maxim holds true for the current set of events collectively known as “the Arab Spring”. What few understand is this: the “Arab Spring” is following a strategic plan first laid out by Paul Wolfowitz, the then former Undersecretary of Defense for Policy.  Known as “the Wolfowitz Doctrine”, this “plan” called for the criminal act of instituting “unilateral and pre-emptive war” in line with Jewish thinking of “preventing another Holocaust”. The “Wolfowitz Doctrine”, really, should beRead More