June, 2013


The Celtic Rebel on ITEL – 6.23.2013

The Celtic Rebel will be joining The Fetch on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, June 22, 2013 for the 3rd hour (12:00pm EDT). The Celtic Rebel and The Fetch have a long history of collaboration from their days of blogging, with the Illuminatus Observor and “The Celtic Rebel” being wholly separate but parallel works at points in their respective developments. To some, The Celtic Rebel requires no introduction, being one of the more popular radio shows on the Oracle Broadcasting Network with his “The Rebel Path Radio ShowRead More

Tom Lynch, AntiNWO.com and PMClassifieds on ITEL – 6.22.2013

Tom Lynch is the proprietor behind ANTINWO.com and PMCLASSIFIEDS.com, two websites with seeming completely disparate purposes. AntiNWO is a news and media content aggregation site focused on alternative media information and media personalities. The site is divided into News, Radio, Videos, and books, with full links to websites within each of the categories. The Radio page includes many personalities within the alternative media political and news analysis category, as well as a section on gardening. Not sure how the two categories fit, but we will be sure to ask. TheRead More

EyeCitizen guests on ITEL Radio – 6.15.2013

EyeCitizen, a citizen journalist, returns to Inside the Eye – Live! for a two hour interview. EyeCitizen has demonstrated many insights into the way of politics behind the veil. His work on the George Zimmerman case remains some of the more insightful reporting to date. EyeCitizen will present some of the latest behind the scenes dealings regarding the George Zimmerman case in Florida. In addition to the latest George Zimmerman case updates, we will spend much time in conversation regarding the breaking NSA spy scandal, domestic and international politics, asRead More