August, 2013


“Thinus” – Spotlight on S. Africa on ITEL – 8.24.2013

Self described “political observer” “Thinus” from S. Africa was on Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss the transition and current political, cultural, and economic realities of S. Africa after 19 years of African National Congress (ANC) government. The interview was quite entertaining but was cut short due to an Internet line technical issue on the S. Africa side. An Explanation of “Apartheid” Thinus spent some time explaining apartheid from an Afrikaner position. He raised the issue that the Apartheid System was actually brought into organizational practice by the BritishRead More

Egypt in Turmoil: A Political Analysis

One maxim of politics is that “nothing happens without a reason”. Another, more hidden maxim, is that politics, and hence politicians and the legions that support them, being a part of the art of deception, are quite skilled at what they do. Consequently, to penetrate the reality of what drives political events is often a challenging and error ridden venture. This article, and its analysis, is no different: after all, unless you “know”, you really do not “know”. Hence, the best we can do is put together and informed seriesRead More

ITEL Radio 8-17-2012 – Egypt Takes on the Muslim Brotherhood

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, August 17, 2013 was somewhat of a flawed production riddled show with a shaky audio quality at the start due to a faulty codec setting and a later loss of some 35-40 minutes of the show due to a drop from the network server. What remains, however, was a pretty good show with many insights regarding events in Egypt and the nature of how the “elite” are using particular organized political elements within a democratic framework with the express (as postured) purpose ofRead More

ITEL 8.10.2013 – “Insane McCain” in Egypt, Embassy Closures across the Arab World

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, August 10, 2013 found ourselves delving into some of the insanities and ineptness of United States foreign policy and foreign policy projection. The ineptitude of United States foreign policy was in full display as Senators John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) made their way to Cairo as “special emissaries of President Obama. Why President Obama would send two so clearly clueless and out of touch human beings for such an important mission is a mystery wrapped in an enigma, but perhaps theRead More

ITEL Radio 8.3.2013 – The Kerry “Peace Plan” – Dead on Arrival

With a bit of humor we witness yet another attempt by the United States government to “fairly and impartially” broker a peace deal between the besieged people of occupied Palestine and the modern day colonial project known as “Israel”. The truth of the details is that Secretary to State Kerry has confirmed in deeds and actions that the United States State Department is a defacto agency of those who run and support Israel. The recognition of this reality should enable anyone to see that the idea of a negotiated settlementRead More