January, 2014


Unrest in the Ukraine – Insights with Zezorro, 1.25.14

Political essayist from Poland, Zezorro, joined for the second time of 2014 for a one hour conversation regarding the ongoing riots in the Ukraine during the week of January 17 – 25, 2014. Social media as a science, tugs of war between Europe and Russia, the historical significance of the Ukraine to Russia were but a few of the insights covered in this fascinating interview. Paid for Revolutions, Mixing the Dreams of the Many with the Demands of the Few As early as January 7, 2014, reports started circulating aboutRead More

Clint Richardson on ITEL Radio – 1.25.14

Clint Richardson, independent researcher, essayist, and host of The Corporation Nation Radio Show joined for hour two of Inside the Eye – Live! on January 25, 2014 in what proved to be a very thought provoking and entertaining interview. Items of discussion included CAFR, sovereign man, words, relationship between the citizen and the State, 9-11, and much more. Eye Witness to 9-11 A particularly interesting story within the conversation revolves around Clint’s personal witness to 9-11. As he described the event, he was witness from about 2 miles away andRead More

ITEL 1.18.13 – Global Warming and the Polar Vortex + Jordan and Syrian Insights

After a one week hiatus, The Fetch returned with a full 3 hour show that covered weather, language, Khobragade, the Jordanian government’s slide into legal lawlessness, and developments in the Syrian conflict. Dichotomy’s of Temperature, Australian Open and the Polar Vortex There was a total dichotomy of temperatures highlighted on the show. In Australia, the Australian open was being played under record heat conditions, forcing many players to collapse or otherwise seriously affect their stamina and play. Meanwhile, in the Northern latitudes, America and Canada had just come out ofRead More

Khobragade – The U.S. Pushes Limits of Diplomatic Arrogance

The United States recently tested the limits of diplomatic arrogance with the arrest, strip search, and subsequent housing an Indian vice consul Devyani Khobragade in a general population of prisoners. As conducted by the United States government, the arrest of the Indian diplomat was clearly an orchestrated event designed to humiliate the Indian government, its diplomatic, Vice Consul Khobragade, and garner public opinion support in the United States for the actions being taken against the Indian diplomat. The entire manner in which the arrest, media circus, political posturing, total lackRead More

Andrew Sholly Hosts ITEL Radio – 1.11.14

With The Fetch away on personal and business matters, Andrew Sholly, aka “Shollyack” or “SholliLama” — or something like that — from Cold Reality Radio filled in for a shortened two hour show. After a bit of a technically rocky start to the show, Sholly was able to gain some traction and put together a pretty good show. Andrew Sholly (shollyack) is a whistle-blower, activist and now talk show hosts of Cold Reality Radio. Shollyack, like many others, has come to the realization that something is very wrong in AmericaRead More

Zezorro on ITEL Radio – 1.4.14

Internet essayist “Zezorro” from Zezorro.blogspot.com joined for a second appearance on ITEL Radio on January 4, 2014. Appearing in hour #3, Zezorro wove a fascinating insight regarding recent Central European history and Central Europe’s role as the centerpiece in “the Grand Chess Board”. Ukraine Political Protests – December 2013 One of the insights provided by Zezorro dealt with the recent political protests in the Ukraine during December 2013. In the words of Zezorro, the protests were legitimate protests for a better future, but the fact that the protests were beingRead More

John Friend on ITEL – 1.4.14

John Friend, author internet essayist and political activist from San Diego, California, joined Inside the Eye – Live! (ITEL Radio) for hour number 2 on January 4, 2014. This was one of John’s numerous appearances on ITEL Radio and the conversation, as expected, proved to be lively and informative with topics ranging from Jewish social character assassination efforts against targeted individuals and the use of Jewish media assets to create false and misleading realities. Access ADL Launches Character Assassination Against John Friend The conversation began with a discussion on recentRead More