March, 2014


ITEL Radio – 3.22.14 – MH370 and Rubenstein, US Special Envoy to Syria

In what proved to be a technically challenging show punctuated with a total meltdown of Revolution Radio’s primary Internet circuit, Inside the Eye – Live! for March 22, was an abridged version filled laced with listener interest “rants” by “The Fetch”. Spring in the Air As the show fell on the first weekend of Spring, what better way to kick off the show than with a light journey into the some of the more exciting and refined fixtures of Spring: MLB Spring Training and the NCAA’s “March Madness”. A bitRead More

ITEL Radio – 3.15.14 – John Friend and The White Man March

John Friend, contributor to American Free Press and the voice behind “The Realist Report with John Friend” appeared as a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on March 15, 2014. Topics of discussion included “The White Man March”, immigration, John’s efforts at American Free Press, as well as one of his most recent articles entitled, “Why I Don’t Care for the Jews”. The show topic generated a lot of interest with a high number of caller participation. The White Man March Kyle Hunt, former Oracle Broadcasting Network host andRead More

ITEL Radio 3.8.14 – Zezorro – Ukriane Coup Fall-Out

Popular Polish political observer “Zezorro” was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! for March 8, 2014 to discuss the fallout from the coup d’etat in Ukraine that was engineered by Neocons in the United States State Department and associated “NGO’s”. An interesting theory advanced by Zezorro is the idea that Putin is operating in a feigned “opposition” capacity and that the entire Ukraine agenda is cleverly scripted between “East” and “West”, a reality that would be tantamount to a behind the scenes deal to partition the Ukraine. OnRead More

“Ahlia” – Media Monitoring Specialist from Amman on ITEL Radio – 3.1.14

“Ahlia”, a Jordanian media monitoring specialist from Amman, Jordan, was a guest on March 1, 2014. The show proved to be the most downloaded show since Inside the Eye – Live! moved to the Revolution Radio format with over 15K downloads. The previous high had been a bit above 10K downloads for a show featuring John Friend. The show provided a light and entertaining insight into what it was like to grow up as a girl in Jordan and what is it like to be a professional Muslim woman tryingRead More

ITEL Radio 2.22.14 – Ukraine Falls – Zezorro

Inside the Eye – Live! was ahead of the curve on the recent developments surrounding the Western (Neocon) shakedown of the Ukraine. With guest “Zezorro” from, ITEL Radio for Saturday, February 22, 2014 consisted of an in-depth analysis of events surrounding the fall of Ukraine to Neocon foreign policy efforts. Some of the points of the unfolding story within the Ukraine were raised during the ITEL 2.22.2014 show included: Western/Israeli Neocon Involvement in the Takedown of Ukraine One of the primary under currents to the Ukraine shakedown is theRead More