January, 2015


John Kaminski on Inside the Eye – Live! – 1.24.15

John Kaminski, featured Internet essayist at “The Rebel.org” joined Inside the Eye – Live! for a special two hour conversation that covered more topics than can be covered here. As always, Kaminski was colorful and full of insights and opinions that directly relate to the Jewish governance over Western civilization and, as Jewish power (through control of media and money) continues to spread its tentacles, increasingly across more and more of the larger civilized world. The result of this expansion of power is predictable: a noticeable “Biblical” fall of humanityRead More

Marianne Azizi, Author, “Sour Milk and Stolen Honey” on ITEL Radio – 1.17.15

Marianne Azizi, author of “Sour Milk and Stolen Honey” was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, January 17, 2015, to discuss her experiences with her conversion to orthodox Judaism and subsequent immersion into the very real and nasty realities of Jewish family law in Israel. This interview was an eye-opener for many and proved to very well received. Conversion to Orthodox Judaism Marianne Azizi is a British citizen. Having me and wanting to marry a Jew, a decision was made prior to her marriage that MarianneRead More

“Noor Al Haqiqa”, Snippits and Snappits, on ITEL Radio – 1.17.15

“Noor Al-Haqiqa”, the blogger behind the popular anti-Jewish/Zionist blog “Snippits and Snappits”, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for hour number two on January 17, 2015. The interview turn out to be very down to earth and informative conversation, with incredible insights into the journey one takes from being completely unaware as to larger oppressive political agenda that surrounds much of Western civilization. Awareness – It’s a Process of Growth Gaining awareness is a process. Since mankind is born into ignorance, it makes sense that the process of gaining awarenessRead More

Patricia Aitken, Updates from Bundy Ranch – BLM Standoff – 1.10.15

Patricia Aitken, host of “The Sacred Cow BBQ” on Studio B of Revolution Radio @ Freedomslips.com joined Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, January 10, 2015 for hour number 3. Topics of discussion largely revolved around the latest BLM’s efforts stifle public access to public land in Nevada. The Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM Nevada Land Grab As part of the BLM’s “management” of “Federal Land”, the BLM issues what is called RMP/EIS, or Resource Management Plan/Environmental Impact Studies. The BLM, as part of a government agency, is requiredRead More

Frederick C. Blackburn – NSA Whistleblower – Israeli (Jewish) Spying at Core of US Telecom Grid – 1.10.15

Frederick C. Blackburn, a former 32 degree Mason of the Scottish Rite and NSA Whistleblower, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for January 10, 2015, to discuss his experience with Jews being give access to spy on America through access to the core of the US telecommunications grid. A Voice from “Traditional White America” Frederick C. Blackburn represents the views and experiences of a rapidly receding knowledge of traditional “White America”. The child of a US World War II veteran, he went on to be an honor student in highRead More

News Years Celebrations, Latest Middle East News, Dershowitz, and Stories to Follow in 2015 – ITEL Radio 1.3.15

Inside the Eye – Live! began 2015 with a global whirl-wind tour of New Years celebrations, then highlighted important developments from the Middle East, then ran a brief segment on stories to following in 2015. In addition, there was a brief discussion on the legal troubles swirling around the Jewish hyper-supremacist, Alan Dershowitz, followed by nearly an hour of listener calls. The show was a good start for 2015. Happy New Year – 2015! In keeping with Inside the Eye – Live!’s efforts to blend current events with cutting edgeRead More