March, 2015


TWiB-FM, Saudi Led GCC Attack on Houthis – ITEL Radio – 3.28.15

Inside the Eye – Live! returned to Riyadh for March 28, 2015 where the lead story was TWiB-FM‘s attempted mockery and trivialization of the political efforts of the #WhiteGenocide movement as advanced by Tim Murdoch, aka “Horus the Avenger” of White Rabbit Radio. Hour number two consisted of commentary and insights on the GCC assault on Yemen’s Houthi tribe, while Hour 3 lightly delved into the German Wings crash as well as some updates on Ukraine made for a pretty fast paced show on Inside the Eye – Live! TWiB-PrimeRead More

Netanyahu – The Face of Global Judaism – 3.21.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, March 21, 2015, returned to Amman, Jordan to what was largely a discussion about Israeli/Jewish politics. Netanyahu, Israeli calls for nuclear war against American allies as well as Iran, were the primary focal points of the show following a brief look at the just passed Winter in the United States. A Super Stargazer Spring Equinox Spring 2015 in the Northern hemisphere began with quite a star-gazing event. A “super moon” combined with a full solar eclipse that was wholly visible on the FaroeRead More

The “Pi Day” Isisian Code Show – Inside the Eye – Live! 3.14.15

Pi Day, 3.14.15, made for a perfect backdrop to re-introduce the Isisian Codes to the listeners of Inside the Eye – Live! What many who listen to Inside the Eye – Live! may not realize is that “Inside the Eye – Live!” was preceded by a show called “Inside the Eye – The Podcast Companion to the Isisian Codes”, a podcast effort focused on providing accompanying oral explanations for articles appearing at “The Illuminatus Observor“. The Illuminatus Observor is a blog that focuses on the esoteric construction of the EnglishRead More