June, 2015


Jewish LGBT Takeover of America, War on Symbols – ITEL Radio 6.27.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 27, delved into the overt symbolic takeover of the United States by Jewish/LGBT political forces and all the degradation and decay that come along having a people who have not and cannot build healthy societies. As part of this political takeover, we are witnessing a war on various cultural symbols of major political constituencies that can be reasonably expected to stand and challenge the ongoing submersion of America into Jewish LGBT cultural identity. The Jewish LGBT Takeover of the United States IfRead More

Inside the Eye – The Original Podcasts Re-Released!

“Inside the Eye – The Original Podcasts” are the precursor podcasts to the “Inside the Eye – Live!” live streaming media talk show. Inside the Eye was a podcast that was targeted as a companion to The Illuminatus Observor, the qaballistic work on the English language as taught by “The Fetch”, whereas “Inside the Eye – Live!” is targeted at the political/current events market. By reader and listener request, we are happy to make these podcasts once again available. You can find these podcasts here: Inside the Eye – TheRead More

John Kaminski, Internet Essayist, Special 2 Hour Interview – ITEL Radio 6.20.15

John Kaminski, internet essayist extraordinaire, joined Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, June 20, 2015, for a 2 hour special interview where The Fetch and John Kaminski discussed a wide variety of topics. John joined the show in the second hour (11am Eastern). Hour number one included a brief historical tour of the storied Lord Stanley’s Cup and an update on critical developing international geopolitical events. Lord Stanley’s Cup – The Stanley Cup Here at Inside the Eye – Live!, we are aficionados of the sport of hockey. ItRead More

David Blatt, The NBA Finals, Israeli Firsters, Assault on USS Liberty – ITEL Radio 6.13.15

As we wind down Spring and head into Summer, the annual sporting ritual of the NHL’s Stanley Cup Playoff and the NBA Finals is in the final week of competition. The NBA and the NBA Finals provided a unique opportunity to highlight the intellectual thinking of Jews relative to their relationship with their host countries. David Blatt, Cleveland Cavalier’s “Cinderella” Rookie Coach Now I will be honest, the NBA has about the same allure, for me, as a cleverly scripted professional wrestling match. With the statistical capabilities of the playersRead More

Tom Goodrich and Kyle Hunt – Hellstorm, The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany on ITEL Radio – 6.13.15

Tom Goodrich and Kyle Hunt came on Inside the Eye – Live! on June 13, 2015, to discuss their recent collaboration, Hellstorm: The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany. At time of this writing, Hellstorm: The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany had reached over 243K views within a period of a little more than one month. Tom Goodrich – “Former” Main Stream Media Personality Both Kyle Hunt and Tom Goodrich have been very busy promoting what is an excellent effort in Hellstorm: The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany, but we learnedRead More

Kyle Hunt, founder of Renegade Broadcasting Network on ITEL Radio – 6.13.15

Kyle Hunt, founder of Renegade Broadcasting Network and host of “The Solar Storm” joined Inside the Eye – Live! for a brief half hour solo interview on Saturday, June 13, 2015. The discussion evolved from an insightful look at the old former Oracle Broadcasting Network and Kyle’s video efforts. “Critical Mass” – former Oracle Broadcasting Team on Leading Edge of Information Awareness Kyle Hunt and “The Fetch” have a long history of collaboration. Each had shows at the now defunct, but trend setting/pioneering Oracle Broadcasting Network. Kyle described his viewsRead More

Tom Goodrich, author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 on ITEL Radio – 6.13.15

Tom Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947, made a guest appearance on Inside the Eye – Live! on June 13, 2015. This special half hour appearance was part of a aggregate show that included a joint appearance with Kyle Hunt from Renegade Broadcasting as the two came to discuss their collaborative effort on Hellstorm: The Real Genocide of Nazi Germany. You can now catch Tom’s latest offerings at his own website, Thomasgoodrich.com Tom Interacts with a Quality Call on Israeli Firsters Tom’s designated half hour wasRead More

R.J. Von Bruening on Inside the Eye – Live! – 6.6.15

RJ Von Bruening, author of The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch, appeared as a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! on June 6, 2015. RJ appeared in hour number 2 in a show book cased with some of the insanities of “diversity” and “political correctness” in the education system. The Forbidden Knowledge of Enoch – From Amateur Astronomer to Alternate Historical Timeline The interview began with a discussion of RJ Von Bruening’s great interest in astronomy and how this interest merged with an observation of ancient star alignments that matchedRead More

The Fetch to Guest Appear on “Reality Extraction” with MrRho – 6.4.15

“The Fetch” will be making a guest appearance on “Reality Extraction” with Dr. Rho. The show will air/stream at 5:00PM Pacific/8:00PM Eastern (USA) on Studio B @ Freedomslips.com. Join “The Fetch” for what should be 1, and perhaps 2 hours of always fascinating and insightful talk radio! Show Details Show Name: “Reality Extraction” with Dr. Rho Show Time: 8:00PM EDT (USA – GMT-4) Studio: Studio B Listen Live Link: Listen Live! Show Wrap-Up – The Fetch on Reality Extraction with MrRho From Da’esh, Yemen, Libya, Syria and more, the showRead More