July, 2015


The Bob Tuskin Tustle – The Video!

Way back in 2012, before any radio hosts were seeking to raise awareness of “the Jewish issue”, the Fetch and a handful of additional hosts at the now defunct Oracle Broadcasting Network pioneered the methods and rhetoric that would become the framework for much of the “acceptable rhetoric” now exploding on the web. A Walk Down Memory Lane – Community Forums Long before “Twitter”, and “Facebook”, and “Reddit”, and a whole host of other social media platforms, the Internet world was largely being populated by “communities”. Microsoft and Yahoo wereRead More

ITEL Radio in Taif, KSA, USA-KSA Diplomacy Re: Iran Nuclear Deal, Perception Reality Management on ITEL Radio – 7.25.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, July 25, 2015 broadcast live from Taif, Saudi Arabia. The show began by providing some historical and geographical insights into the storied city of Taif which then led into a comprehensive analysis of some of the latest diplomatic efforts being undertaken between the United States and Saudi Arabia in relation to the recent P5+1 Iran nuclear deal. Hours number 2 and 3 were filled with a bit of philosophical and pragmatic observations of Jewish use of linguistics as well as musings on theRead More

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer on ITEL Radio – 7.18.15

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, joined Inside the Eye – Live! in hour number 3 to discuss some of the latest developments in race relations, White centric political interests, and the larger issue of an assault on Western Civilization. Trump “Trumps” the GOP We began the discussion by peering into the surprising level of support Donald Trump, the American real estate magnate, has accomplished by raising the race and immigration. What is, perhaps, encouraging, is the fact that Donald Trump has raised issues that are resonatingRead More

Marshall Schroeder, Credit Resolution Systems on ITEL Radio – 7.18.15

Marshall Schroeder, author of “HOW TO DEFEAT ANY DEBT COLLECTOR & REPAIR YOUR OWN CREDIT REPORT“, joined Inside the Eye – Live! in hour #2 to discuss his work over the past 10 years in helping people resolve their issues with debt collection agencies. These 10 years of experience, and the success of Marshall’s efforts, has necessitated the writing of the book due to the reality that the market is so large and Marshall can only assist a minute percentage of the estimated 30 million Americans requiring assistance in dealingRead More

UK’s “Tunisian Evacuation”, Social Media Multipliers, Politico Mag Anti-White Hit Piece – ITEL Radio 7.11.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday was a “whirlwind show” with lots of animated discussion (rants), and discussions on subjects from around the world and Western social issues. A fun and fast show complete with listener participation and opinionated insights on geopolitical issues of the day. Britain Evacuates Tunisia – The “Terror Scare” Bogeyman The ongoing insanity of the “terror mavens” continued with the UK’s Foreign Ministry announcing that all UK citizens should “leave Tunisia immediately”, siting unseen and non-specific “terror threats”. The order created much (desired?) chaos andRead More

Special Broadcast – Inside the Eye – Live! on Renegade Broadcasting Network – 7.6.15

The Fetch and Inside the Eye – Live! will make a special broadcast on Monday, July 6, 2015 on Renegade Broadcasting’s Blog Talk Radio platform. The show will air/stream at 8:00pm Eastern time and will be 2 hours in length. This show is the second appearance after an exceptionally positive first show which aired on May 11, 2015, from Riyadh. This show promises to be a lot of fun to come and listen to. We look forward to seeing you in the live audience, time permitting, of course. The archiveRead More

Independence USA, “Migrant” Invasion of EU, Greek Financial Crisis – ITEL Radio – 7.4.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for July 4, 2015 discussed Independence Day USA (July 4, 2015), the ongoing “African migrant” problems in France, LGBT targeting of children in Sweden, as well as the Greek Financial Crisis, Chinese Financial Crisis, and the usual diversions into language, reality perception management, and much more. Independence Day, USA – July 4, 2015 Independence Day, 2015 in the United States arrived on Saturday, which means that the United States was expecting an extended holiday beginning on Friday as government and most businesses outside of retailRead More