May, 2016


ITEL Radio – 5.28.16 – So. Cal. Reminiscing, Immigration and UK “Brexit”

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, May 28, 2016, started with a bit of reminiscing from “The Fetch” about his time in So. California as part of a commemoration of Memorial Day in the United States. Hour 2 followed with some discussion on Cameron’s comments at the G-7 Summit in Japan regarding out of control immigration going into the UK and how Cameron fails to see that mass immigration destroys national economies and social cohesion. An additional look at words and their use by various political constituencies filled outRead More

Bob Whitaker Announces Resignation from American Freedom Party – ITEL Radio – 5.21.16

Bob Whitaker came on Inside the Eye – Live! to announce that has resigned from the candidacy of President for the American Freedom Party. One of the main issues that caused the rift between the American Freedom Party and Bob Whitaker was the persistent and consistent use of the “Diversity is a Code for White Genocide” meme which AFP fund raising officials stated was a red flag for fund raising/donations. In addition to the announcement of his resignation from the American Freedom Party, Bob made the announcement that he hasRead More

ITEL Radio – 5.21.16, EgyptAir MS804, Bob Whitaker, Twitter Comments

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, featured a small overview of EgyptAir’s Flight MH804. The second hour saw Bob Whitaker make a special appearance with updated information on Bob’s relation with the American Freedom Party. Hour 3 was filled with commentary on “Liberal Logic” and word term usage. You can hear the entire show here: ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.21.16

Sencha MacRae, Untold – ITEL Radio – 5.14.16

Sencha MacRae, Untold, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for hour number on Saturday, 5.7.16. We discussed Sencha’s work on history and her efforts to tell the untold tales of history, or information that is not often included or is purposely left out of the mainstream historical narratives. It was a fun conversation with the discussion spanning literally “the World”, from the ancient Europeans, Soviet Russia, pre-Communist China, and the Spanish conquest of Central America. You can hear the entire interview here: ITEL Radio Interview – Sencha – 5.14Read More

“Asgardia” (Twitter: @WarOWhites) Guests on ITEL Radio – 5.7.16

Twitter user @WarOWhites came on to discuss the emerging “word warfare” on the Internet and the ongoing efforts by many to raise awareness of the pending destruction of Western Civilization through mass immigration and forced assimilation. The conversation discussed many different issues, including “multiculturalism”, mass immigration, Jews and Jewish treason, “anti-Semitism”, deportations, Donald Trump, the economy, and much, much more.     A good interview from someone on the front lines of the “war with words” who is an adherent of Bob Whitaker’s “the Mantra”. A few technical issues butRead More

Scottish National Party Insanity, Guests: Asgardian and Sencha – ITEL Radio – 5.14.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 14, 2016 discussed the rapidly evolving lunacy surrounding Scotland and the “Scottish National Party”. In hour 2, we were joined by “Asgardian”, Twitter @WaroWhites, to discuss his work with Bob Whitaker’s “Mantra” and his experience with educating people online about White Genocide, demographic displacement, SJW’s (Social Justice Warriors), and much more. A good conversation with someone actively involved in online outreach. In hour 3, we were joined by Sencha MacRae where we discussed her website, Untold Sencha discussed the “hidden sideRead More

Canada’s “Forest Fire”, Russia’s Palmyra Concert, “Criticizing Jews” and Noahide Law – ITEL Radio – 5.7.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, May 7, 2016, returned to a solo format. Hour 1 featured a look at the wild fires ravaging Canada and threatening the open oil sand operations as well as causing massive evacuations. Hour 2 was highlighted by listener participation. Hour 3 featured an insightful look into Jewish “Noahide Law” and how Noahide law is being used as legal reasoning by Jewish and Jewish owned politicians for the implementation of laws that outlaw the “criticism of Jews”. Some insightful tidbits throughout this show. YouRead More

Pastor Eli James on ITEL Radio – 4.30.16

Christian Identity Pastor Eli James joined Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Areas of discussion included his views of the historical reality regarding England and the Jewish people, the ongoing war by Jews against Western Civilization and the United States, and much, much, more. A really fast and informative discussion mixing Christian themes with contemporary political reality and Pastor Eli James commitment to restore Constitutional authority in the United States. Pastor Eli James hosts the show “The Restoration Hour” which airs/streams from 8:00am – 10:00pm onRead More

Tranny Bathroom Invasion, Iraqi Green Zone Breach, Guest – Pastor Eli James – ITEL Radio – 4.30.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 30, 2016, discussed the ongoing assault on civilized society by their efforts to force into law the ability of gay and transgender men to use women’s bathrooms. The show then discussed the ongoing violence by LGBT militant activists and Jewish (Soros) backed Marxist agitators at Donald Trump political rallies. We then looked into the ongoing domestic political turmoil inside Iraq as citizens were able to breach the heavily fortified “Green Zone” and briefly occupy the Iraqi parliament building. In hour 3, PasterRead More