June, 2016


“The Fetch” on Guerilla Radio – Truth Emerges – 6.28.16

“The Fetch” will be on Guerilla Radio on 6.28.16. This will be one of the rare opportunities to hear “The Fetch” discuss the Isisian Codes and English Qaballa. From the show promo page: Join us as we discuss with Dennis the English Qabalah, or English Kabbalah, which refers to several different systems of mysticism related to Hermetic Qabalah that interpret the letters of the English alphabet via their supposed numerological significance. 6 – 8 pm PST / 7 – 9 pm MST / 8 – 10 pm CST / 9 –Read More

BREXIT, “LB Bork” and the People’s Awareness Coalition – ITEL Radio – 6.18.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 25, 2016 discussed at length Britain’s vote to exit the European Union (BREXIT). In hour two, “LB” Bork, author of “The Red Amendment”, joined to discuss his efforts to raise awareness on the implications of the 14th Amendment. Hour 3 continued with a discussion on BREXIT and its implications for Europe. Listener participation closed out the show. A relaxed, summer day listen. ITEL Radio Full Show – 6.25.16 https://archive.org/download/ITELRadioFullShow6.25.16/ITEL%20Radio%20Full%20Show%20-%206.25.16.mp3  

“LB” Bork – Author – The Red Amendment – ITEL Radio 6.25.16

“LB” Bork, author of “The Red Amendment” was a guest on Inside the Eye – Live! during the second hour of Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 21, 2016. “LB” discussed how the 14th Amendment to the Constitution of the United States shifted the paradigm of the legal environment between the States and the United States as well as the citizens of the United States. “LB” believes that the 14th Amendment was the amendment that began the process of ushering in Communism to the United States and thatRead More

BREXIT, Nordic Resistance Movement, Dennis Wise – ITEL Radio – 6.18.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 18. 2016, was an information packed show. In hour 1, we looked at some current events, including Britain’s pending vote to exit the European Union (BRExit). In hour 2, spokesmen from the Swedish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement, joined to discuss some of the latest political realities with Sweden. In hour 3, Dennis Wise, the producer of the acclaimed videos “The Greatest Story Never Told” and “Communism by the Backdoor”, came on to discuss his work and research into the movementsRead More

Dennis Wise – The Greatest Story Never Told and Communism by the Backdoor – Inside the Eye – Live! – 6.18.16

Dennis Wise, “the genius behind ‘The Greatest Story Never Told”, guest appeared for a second time on Inside the Eye – Live! on 6.18.16. Dennis’s epic work, “The Greatest Story Never Told”, which tells the story of Adolph Hitler from an historically balanced and friendly viewpoint, remains one of the more truthful reporting on the reality of who Adolph Hitler was and the National Socialist movement he so effectively led. With “Adolph Hitler” remaining a near fetish obsession of Jews of near all social strata, and with Jews using theirRead More

The Nordic Resistance Movement – Interview on ITEL Radio – 6.18.16

Par Oberg, Robin Palmblad, and Emil Hagberg from the Swedish branch of the Nordic Resistance Movement joined ITEL Radio for June 18, 2016 to discuss the Nordic Resistance Movement, the current political environment in Sweden, and the rise of National Socialism as the foremost bulwark against Jewish political efforts to destroy Sweden and Western civilization. A fascinating, well articulated hour. You can hear the entire interview here: ITEL Radio Interview – The Nordic Resistance Movement – 6.18.16 https://k003.kiwi6.com/hotlink/xmv1cua80x/ITEL_Radio_Interview_-_The_Nordic_Resistance_Front_-_6.18.16.mp3 The Nordic Resistance Movement in Sweden From Nordfront.se/english The Nordic Resistance MovementRead More

“Flag Parade” and the Arab Revolt of 1916 – ITEL Radio – 6.11.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 11, 2016, returned to Amman, Jordan. First up was a discussion of the “The Arab Revolt of 1916” and Jordan’s “Flag Parade” which was held on June 10th to commemorate the event. Hour two included a long segment with caller “Mike” in South Carolina which discussed, among many items, the total lack of accountability and trust of Jewish “businessmen” who ply their trade and wares amongst “goys”. Hour 3 continues with more listener participation, while the show ended on a brief rantRead More

(((Jews))) Revolt about Identified as being (((Jews))) – ITEL Radio – 6.4.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for June 4, 2016 spoke at length about the use of “the secret symbol used by Neo Nazi’s”, or the (((Jews))), as Jews like to tell it. Using the (((echoes))) symbol really began as an innocuous statement and form, but has morphed into a wide variety of meanings that has gotten the attention and ire of mainstream Jewish hate groups like the SPLC and the ADL. Lot’s of angles on words, vocabulary and political constituency. This was a very fast and entertaining show. You canRead More

“The Fetch” Guests Hosts on Circus Maximus – 6.3.16

“The Fetch” was a last minute guest host replacement for Nick Spero on The Circus Maximus Show on Renegade Broadcasting. The show began with a discussion about the “The Echos” symbol, or ((())), which apparently is a grammarian impersonation of an audible echo used when Jewish names were used on a show called “The Daily Shoah”. Apparently, Jew have twisted this bit of information into proof of some grand “alt-Right” conspiracy intended to “target Jews”. Nick, a former host at Renegade Broadcasting, called in to share insights on “the EchosRead More