February, 2017


The “Anti-Semites” – Trump, Pewdiepie, and Jewish Insanity – ITEL – 2.18.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, February 18 began with a look at the latest storms to pound the the State of California, the followed with some commentary on  POTUS Trump’s press conference with Israel’s “Bibi” Netanyahu.  The show then transitioned to discuss Trump’s solo press conference from the week of Feb. 11-17 and how POTUS Trump directly hit at the media for being enemies of the American PEOPLE (United States).  In the final hour, we discussed the main stream media’ attacks on YouTube superstar “Pewdiepie”  for releasing filmsRead More

Defining “Anti-Semitism” – Assault on Inquiry and Speech – ITEL Radio – 2.11.17

The ever encroaching Jewish tyranny on the West via a Jewish assault on intellectual inquiry and assault on free speech and freedom of thought was the primary underlying theme of the February 11, 2017 show. The latest assault came from the London Assembly’s adoption of a “definition of anti-Semitism”, which is intended to clamp down on any criticism of Jews and their fabrication of history which largely is intended to vilify Western civilization while holding their crimes against humanity blameless. To get an idea as to the absolute assault onRead More

Frederick C. Blackburn Guest Hosts ITEL Radio – 2.4.17

Frederick C. Blackburn, host of Blackbird9’s Breakfast Club, guest hosted Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, February 4, 2017. Frederick, aka “Blackbird9” or “BB9”, is the sponsor of “The ITEL Cat Report“. He is a former 32 degree Freemason, NSA whistle blower, and a former house candidate in NC. After an introductory hour, BB9 entered into a discussion of “the chevron” as an esoteric symbol. BB9 wove through the historical record into the iron age and how the chevron is a symbol associated with military training and the ideaRead More