“The Fetch” on Brexit Party Episode #45 – 4.17.18

The Fetch appeared on Brexit Party Episode #45, a live streamed show broadcast on Youtube via Google’s hangouts.  The Fetch joined a distinguished list of guests, including: Alfred Shaefer, Paul English (Eurofolk Radio), Tom Goodrich (author, Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1945).  The show is hosted by “Olliver”. Many topics were raised in this show, including the Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan, the planned breeding out of Europeans, Syria, Jews and their fascination with being and able to gas anyone who disagrees with them, the ever growing awareness of the idiocy ofRead More

Torah! Torah! Torah! – Jews Push for Sneak Attack on Syria – ITEL – 4.14.18

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, April 14, discussed the sneak attack waged by POTUS Trump against the Syrian Arab Republic.  Many angles regarding this event were raised, including the potential that this “attack” was nothing less than “theater” for the masses.  However, in a literal sense, the only conclusion that the attack on Syria can be viewed as is, if the story is as presented in various media channels, an act of war by a head of state (POTUS Trump) and was done so in a manner thatRead More

Syrian War Drums – ITEL PT – 4.12.18

Constant calls for a war on Syria by Jews in the UK and US featured early in Inside the Eye – Live!, 4.12.18. Listener calls discussing donations, Jews, the indictment of Missouri’s Jewish governor, and electronic harassment filled in an entertaining listener participation second hour.  International Holocaust Remembrance day, the day where Jews are supposed to remember and remind humanity of the massive number of genocides committed by Jews against humanity, also entered the discussion. Syrian War Drums – US War Crimes and Russian Response The recent fake news “DoumaRead More

Doing Evil – Google Employees Protest Project Maven – ITEL – 4.7.18

Google’s collaboration with the US Department of Defense under contracts initiated through Project Maven, wherein Google is developing AI technology to aid surveillance drones to identify and track targets, has been met with a mass protest against the company from over 3000 Google employees.   The ongoing efforts by Jews to promote the ongoing illegal invasion and occupation of Syria by the United States was also discussed, as well as the ongoing protests by citizens of Gaza in what is being termed “The Great Return March”. All this and more, plusRead More

Gaza’s “March of Return” – ITEL Prime Time – 4.5.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time for April 5, 2018 veered back into the geopolitical arena with stories about the recent mass murder of Palestinians by Jews during the “March of Return” protest in Gaza, US military occupation of Syria, and the about to burst trade war between the United States and China. The Oy Vey Moment, where supporters of Israel kvetch about what is acceptable to say between Jews within Jewish social norms, completed a great show that included listener calls to close out the show. Gaza –Read More

The Bob Tuskin Tussle Transcript

It was 2012. The “Troll Wars” of the 2000’s were drawing to a close. Live streaming Internet radio was nascent, ascending, targeting the American Patriot and militia sympathetic audience with all manner of “conspiracy” related programming. Jesuits, Freemasons, the Vatican, the Bilderbergers – who knows what secret society flavor of the day, greeted the growing audience hungry for information that main stream media outlets would never touch let alone bother to explore. None were speaking about the core problem facing Western civilization: the Jewish stranglehold over Western civilization. In 2012,Read More

“The Fetch” at The International Blended Learning Conference, Riyadh

This past November, 2017 witnessed the first International Conference on Blended Learning which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The event brought together some 1500 delegates from 11 countries to discuss some of the latest trends and research into the field of “blended learning”.  The conference was organized by Saudi Electronic University, the first wholly dedicated blended learning college in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The event’s Gold Sponsor by Assrooh Al Thakiyah, a leader in the development of blended learning content and resource supply withinRead More

A Holocaust (TM) Litmus Test? – ITEL – 3.31.18

Political events in the United Kingdom are highlighting a tyrannical trend: Jews are enforcing a “Holocaust™ Litmus Test” onto local and national politics, seeking to deny to local and national voting blocks a right to representatives of their choice should such choices not first accept and perpetuate the “Holocaust™ Myth”.  To drive this point home we discussed the latest shenanigans ongoing within the Labor Party in the United Kingdom where a Ms. Christine Shawcroft, the then chair of Labour’s dispute commission. At the heart of this story is Jewish furyRead More

Protesting Parisian Jews and Jewish Gun Grabs – ITEL PT – 3.29.18

The level of absurdity coming from the Jewish community is reaching peak insanity.  A recent apparently random murder of an elderly woman in Paris, a woman who happened to be Jewish, made for an insanely stupid display of “protesting against anti-Semitism” by Jewish groups in Paris. When asked what the protest was about, he said: “The spirit of resistance — a country that says it’s enough, you can’t accept that an old woman who survived … the Holocaust should be murdered.” – source Apparently, Jews think that by attaching theRead More