Facebook’s Censorship, Lady Renouf, and Tom Goodrich

A block buster show greeted listeners of Inside the Eye – Live! as Michèle Renouf appeared in hour two and Mike “Tom” Goodrich appeared in hour three.  To add a little more spice to the show, “Mary”, our beautiful and delightful voice greeting listening to Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! on Thursday’s, joined in the conversation with Tom in hour number 3. Facebook – Technocratic Tyranny Jewish Bolshevism understands, apparently, all too well that the one great defense barrier to their desires for global domination remains doctrines enshrinedRead More

Summer, 1945 – Tom Goodrich’s latest book offering – ITEL – 3.24.18

Tom Goodrich, author of “Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947”, came on Inside the Eye – Live! to announce the release of his new book, “Summer, 1945.  Germany, Japan, and the Harvest of Hate”.  The book if available directly through and, among other distribution points. Says Tom on his website announcement of the book, I would like to announce the release of my latest, and probably my last, book,  Summer, 1945–Germany, Japan and the Harvest of Hate.  As some of you already know, Summer, 1945  is theRead More

Lady Renouf and the Dresden Bombing Commemoration – ITEL – 3.24.18

Lady Michèle Renouf, a human rights activist and longtime advocate for historical truth, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, March 24, 2018 to discuss the recent Dresden Bombing Memorial where she was detained by German authorities after making an impromptu speech at the event. Said Paul Fromm regarding the event, In Dresden, Germany on 17 February 2018, German Nationalists held a public demonstration to mark and to mourn the victims of the Allied (British) bombing of that defenseless city. I was present to speak at the rally,Read More

Facebook and the New Face of Censorship – ITEL PT – 3.22.18

Jews are doing an end run around civil liberties by imposing draconian censorship through their dominant social and digital media positions.  Apparently, through the use of usury, Jews funded their own search and social media platforms such as to ensure that these platforms would gain a market monopoly, and from this market monopoly, Jews have decided to stifle and silence expression and appear to do so in a manner that suggests collusion. Regardless, it is clear that Facebook is all about corralling opinions and then eliminating those opinions for whichRead More

St. Patrick’s Day Show – ITEL – 3.17.18

Irish music graced Inside the Eye – Live’s! St. Patrick’s Day special as the show continued on with exposing the irrational absurdity of Western security forces as they continue to sell out their own nations in favor of enabling a hostile and often criminal migrant community within Western nations even as every other nation works often over time to secure their borders and maintain rational immigration policies. The inability of Western nation’s security forces (police and intelligence) to secure their own lands on behalf of their own people points toRead More

Nationalists vs. Globalists – ITEL PT – 3.15.18

The battle between “globalists” and “Nationalists” is brought into a greater focus in this entertaining ITEL Prime Time! show.  The willful and purposeful destruction of Western societies and cultures at the hands of a hostile Jewish foreign element, along with their sayanim and rectified goy lackies, points to a need place Jews as what they are, a foreign element that should be removed from the ability to dictate political and cultural norms on Western societies. After all, it is clear that Jews are complete failures unless success is measured inRead More

UK Closes Borders to Nationalists – ITEL PT! – 3.15.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, March 15, 2018, discussed the troubling trend of the United Kingdom closing her borders to European nationalists.  It appears that Jewish Bolsheviks now dominate British politics and will do anything to prevent native British citizens from awakening to the genocidal nightmare Jews are cooking up for them.  Of course, this agenda of preventing citizens of European nations from awakening to the very real genocidal nature of a hostile Jewish community appears to be the order of the day across Europe. TheRead More

Jews. A Minority Demanding Pandering

The constant willingness of a majority of Americans to accept and enable a destructive and dangerous pandering to Jews filled much of the show for Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, March 10, 2018.  As we continue in our exploration of the ills facing the West, the idea that the whims and wishes of Jews should trump our collective self interests is an absurdity.  Why should we care whether a Jew screams “anti-Semite”?  Why should we care that a Jew calls something “racist”? A more salient way to viewRead More

Brizer from Ireland – ITEL Prime Time! 3.8.18

Brizer from Ireland, co-host of The Graham Heart Show which may be heard at, visited Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! on Thursday, March 8, 2018.  Brizer from Ireland came on to discuss his trip to London where he attended the court date for Alison Chabloz as she sat in the docket in the defense phase of her trial at the hands of Israel/Jewish NGO’s. She is being charged with posting a satirical set of songs about the Jewish holyhoax narrative in a manner that can only beRead More