Explosions on Bulgarian Tarmac Buses Carrying Jewish Tourists – False Flag Probable

Jewish controlled media organs, aka “The Main Stream Media”, have launched an all out blitz on the general public by serving as mouthpieces for the Jewish state. Across virtually the entire media spectrum, opening lines read “Israel Blames Iran“. The story is being supported by a pretty stupid video of a kid who just happens to walk into the middle of a passenger terminal carrying a backpack, and then walks back.

Jews will have you believe that the backpack shown in the video would cause the representative damage to two buses?

And more telling. The fact that two buses were involved is rapidly receding from the main stream media reporting. The stories are being reported as “a bus”, but clearly two buses were involved and this has been reported scarcely.

There are also many other misleading story lines, such as the “bus” was hit in a “resort area of Bulgaria”. This is blatantly dishonest. An airport tarmac in no way can be equated to “a resort area” and a “parking lot”.

The clear dishonesty and misleading nature of this story is palpable.

Ummm. Oooookeeeee dokie.

Kabballah Says Jews “done it”, Jews Blame Iran

In keeping with Jewish Kabballistic ritual, this “attack” – self inflicted as it appears – occurred on the 18th anniversary of another unsolved and perhaps self inflicted terror attack by the Jewish state against its citizens, that “attack” being the AMIA attack in Argentina that claimed varying numbers of people depending upon what source you may wish to use.

So let’s see.

18 years after and on July 18.

Such Kabballistic precision is the hallmark of Iranian state security? I don’t THINK so. It sounds much more plausible that this is just more Jewish Kabballistic spinstering. (Yeah – I made that word up.)

As reported in “The Jewish Week“, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is quoted as saying,

“This is clearly a terrorist attack initiated probably by Hezbollah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad or another group under the terror auspices of either Iran or other radical Islamic groups. We are in a continual fight against them. We are determined to identify who sent them, who perpetrated [the attack], and to settle the account.”

Umm. I doubt seriously that any investigation into this sacrifice in the name of greater Zion will ever come close to the real perpetrators. This event is just another of those ritual events like 9-11, 7-7, and now 7-18.

More regarding Barak’s rantings: Is it my imagination, or does this form of lunatic ranting remind one of the “Hitler archetypes” sold to us in Jewish propaganda efforts?

Evidence Planting and Story Weaving

You have got to love Jewish storytelling.

According the Jewish centric electronic rag, the “National Post“, not only have we found the drivers license, but we also are learning that the “bomber” was a former Guantanamo Bay detainee.

Yeah. Really.
Bulgaria bus bomber in attack on Israeli tourists was ex-Guantanamo Bay detainee Mehdi Ghezali: reports
Now lets get all these “facts” in order:

  • Suspected “bomber” walks in front of camera, waves hello, then walks back
  • Jewish media organs in unison run story of “suicide bomber” – supported by “official statements”
  • Bombing takes place in a secure part of the airport – the tarmac (have any of you ever deplaned on the tarmac and gotten bused to the terminal?)
  • A magical – this time charred a bit – drivers license is found (I guess they learned that pristine passports don’t cut it)
  • The alleged bomber is a former detainee in a Jewish Neocon gulag called “Guantanamo

And Jews want the world to believe that all roads lead to Iran?


This event as it is being sold is definitely one of the more ludicrous assaults on basic intelligence that we have seen in quite some time.

Every Jewish slander and every Jewish lie is a scar of honor on the body of our warriors.” – Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf – It is better to know that these lies have become a scar and an affront on the greater good of human consciousness.

  • Can you provide any details on your contention that this happened airside? Most of the reporting I’ve read and images I’ve seen suggest that it happened in the airport’s car park. If it was airside, then that changes a heck of a lot. Either way, it is interesting that ICTS have identifiable connections with this airport even though they may not run its security.

    • TheFetch

      Hi Tom,

      The initial reports I had read stated that “body parts were strewn over the tarmac”. They did not have references to the buses being in the parking lot. I went with those stories – so perhaps a clarification will be in order. We then need to calculate the probability of a bus in a parking lot at an international airport being located “next to the tarmac” such that body parts are strewn.

      It would make more sense if the story were to have read that “body parts were strewn over the parking lot”.

      The story seems to have morphed – from a tarmac to a parking lot…

      • Hi Dennis,

        My comment is probably a result of a difference between British English vs American English where the word tarmac is concerned. In BE, tarmac refers to a type of road surface as well as the airport runway. Tarmac and asphalt are used not interchangeably but independent of each other depending on the binding materials used when surfacing a road.

        So back to the report in question. I’m assuming the reporter is using American English, so the word tarmac can be taken as referring to airside areas. Even in British English, specifically using ‘tarmac’ to refer to the surface of a parking lot is a little strange but not incorrect.

        Judging by the aerial view of the airport, it looks small and could easily be one of those airports where all airside transfer is by bus, particularly as the single terminal is over sixty years old and doesn’t appear to have any jet bridges. The new terminal 2 apparently won’t be completed until 2013. Having said that, the damaged buses in the photos of the bombing aftermath don’t look anything like those normally used for apron bus duty nor do they look anything like the apron buses shown in the photo.

        One thing I know for sure, though, is that Iran or Hezbollah had nothing to do with it. The culprits are probably sunning themselves a little further south of where Hezbollah can be found.

        • Hi Tom,

          Some great points. I know that in American English, “tarmac” is specifically used to refer to the air side of the airport. I am going to concede that I mis-reported what I was originally reading – which originally was using the word “tarmac” and “bus”, which we can infer to be the air side of the airport operation.

          The key point is that indeed – even the American administration – is not buying into the “Iran or Hezbollah dun it” that was parroted by so many media organs essentially simultaneously.

          There are the Israel agents in the USGOV of course mouthing the talking points from Tel Aviv, but on this one, few in the world are listening to the boy crying wolf…

    • TheFetch

      Initial reports I read did not specifically mention the parking lot – see this post here for example: http://www.firstpost.com/world/israel-blames-iran-for-bulgaria-bus-bomb-that-kills-6-382436.html

      A lot of the initial reporting was that there were body parts on the tarmac, which indicated air side.

      Not sure of this airport’s design, but not too many international airports I know of would have a design where the area that serves tourist buses would also be next to the tarmac…so the story is a bit obscure.

      As the story evolves, I see more and more reporting about the parking lot…

    • Yes, its a poor-quality Photoshop job by a rank amateur. It is almost as if it was designed to be found and immediately discredited.

  • Hi spammer!

  • BG

    Hi Fetch,
    greetings from Bulgaria! This is the last reconstruction of the face of alleged terrorists. It would be funny if it were not so pathetic!

  • Barry

    Just happened upon your website and I see that you are one of those evil, despicable writers who blames every terror attack or mentally ill maniac’s slaughter to a “false flag” with no actual solid evidence other than recycling what you read in the media, and putting invisible hands behind everything. your paranoia rivals your hatred and your stupidity.
    PS- if the Jews wanted to carry out false flags, they would not leave enough clues that a lowlife like you could figure it out within hours. They rule the world for a reason (for the same reason that you were driven to living in Amman and away from the Jewish-controlled West).

    • TheFetch

      Hi Barry,

      So based on that rather hate filled tirade, it appears that you agree that Jews run the world and that Jews therefore most likely were behind this attack and therefore it was a false flag. Actually, you don’t need to be a Beacon of Light Jew to figure out that this was a Mossad style false flag. Basic deductions serve well enough to show that Jews were behind this attack.

      It also appears by your tirade that ridding societies of Jew throughout history is a valid social strategy to preserve social structures.

      Are you saying that the various reports of Jews being thrown out of countries is also for a reason and that since Jews run the world and are behind the ills that the world is facing that indeed, time is gathering to have Jews rounded up and thrown out again?

      And Barry – is that “Jewish”? Your entire message smacks of Jewish racism, elitism, and hatred for humanity. Just saying.

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