Deliberate Intel Deception, John Kaminski – ITEL Radio – 1.7.17

2017 got off to a great start on Inside the Eye – Live! with John Kaminski, Internet Essayist Extraordinaire joining for hours 2 and 3. In hour one, we discussed the arrival of Winter with massive storms blanketing Europe, the south of the United States, and Winter storms washing ashore on the California coast. To complete hour one, we welcomed back the ability to take phone listener phones calls, and then discussed deliberate “intel” failures, or the politicized world of fitting “intel reports” and “analysis” to fit a current political agenda and then passing off the analysis as “mistakes” or “failure” when the intel or analysis proves wrong.

The point being: there are no mistakes being made. The information put out to the public and policy makers is simply tailored to fit a political agenda and its “falsity” is having dramatic cost effects on the nations throughout the West.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 1.7.17


  • Tim

    hey there Fetch, for some reason the interview is only showing 47 minutes. i tried reloading the page several times and nothing changed. the show still cuts off just after you start talking with John. Not sure if its my computer or not. just thought you should know.

    • The file is fine on my side. I am able to fast forward through the whole show. The 47 minutes is due to VBR files that we are getting from the studio feed from which the show is recorded. VBR skews the length calculation. Nothing we can do about that.

      Try again regarding the audio file as it is indeed working fine here in Saudi.

      • Tim

        will do, thanks mate.

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