Immigration and the Coming Hellstorm – Michael “Tom” Goodrich – ITEL 12.31.16

On the final show of 2016, Michael (Tom) Goodrich, author of Hellstorm: The Death of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947 (Hellstorm), joined Inside the Eye – Live! for two hours of fascinating conversation.


Hour 1 was largely marred by technical issues and so was largely lost, however, in hour 2, Michael “Tom” Goodrich was joined by “Ann from Sweden”. Ann from Sweden is currently translating Hellstorm. Areas of discussion included the recent “Trump phenomena” and how it is positively affecting Europe, the ongoing flooding of “migrants” into Sweden, as well as Ann’s efforts translating Hellstorm.

In hour 3, Mike and Tom discussed many issues, from Trump, American politics, the growing awareness of the White American demographic, Hellstorm, and much more.

One of the more important issues was the idea that those currently lording over Western civilization are ideologically and spiritually the same as those who were behind the destruction of Russia and Germany, and a special “Hellstorm” awaits the West if this “New World Order” globalist power is not reigned in and destroyed.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 12.31.16


  • barbara lee

    Dennis that show was absolutely riveting from top to bottom. Mike (!) is a great guest because he rambles but his rambles all carry interest and … well he so relatable. The Swedish guest was also excellent because one never hears of any resistance to the situation there.

    I remember a few decades ago reading that Canada and Sweden were sister states for implementation of the NWO; so far what I see is an amazing correlation to the brain dead aspect of the unwitting and blithely resistant, intentionally ignorant Canadians from all levels of society to that of the Swedes. They would have to be directly directly hurt before waking up is about the level we are at as well.

    I want to see PHOTOS of kitties in jammies and baby stuff. Please? Your adoring fans are clamouring for this.

    BTW thank you to you and the crew for fixing up the sound! I was forcing myself to listen and had no idea what a difference it made; you have no idea how tense that makes one until suddenly your voice comes back all smooth and even! So ty ty ty.

    Here is to more talks soon, Fetch. And here is to an optimistic opening for the new year. Not blindly optimistic… but sure beats the pessimism of years past. And… our work IS bearing fruit, never forget that. My feeling has always been that if the years spent at this awaken just ONE soul, it is worth it. But fortunately we know you have opened up and enlightened very many…

    Cheers! Saluting you with a strip of warm bacon…..

    • Hi Snips

      Thanks. Let me see if I can get some publish quality photos sent out this tomorrow. I heard the cats are getting changed to fresh clothes tomorrow. Jordan has been hovering between 35-45 degrees f, so apparently the ambient air is sucking all heat out of the house and leaving it like an icebox.

      Bruiser is adorable as always. He has his jammers and sits on a throw carpet that is set before the space heater, so he is pretty warm at times save when everything is shut down for the evening.

      The show seems to be having a positive effect. We will keep going as there is much work to be done…

      • barbara lee

        My big takeaway arose while I was working out in the water today. I do not know if Michael mentioned this or if I came up with it… it ain’t original… but the continuation of the genocide against the German people…. And I actually got someone to remember the name of the movie and say she would give it a looksee at some time soon….

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