ITEL Radio – 5.28.16 – So. Cal. Reminiscing, Immigration and UK “Brexit”

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, May 28, 2016, started with a bit of reminiscing from “The Fetch” about his time in So. California as part of a commemoration of Memorial Day in the United States. Hour 2 followed with some discussion on Cameron’s comments at the G-7 Summit in Japan regarding out of control immigration going into the UK and how Cameron fails to see that mass immigration destroys national economies and social cohesion. An additional look at words and their use by various political constituencies filled out the balance of the show, with a spotlight shed on how the BBC works with LGBT factions to paint misleading realities and how extremist Jewish groups do the opposite of what they claim to be promoting.


A fun, relaxed, Memorial Day show.

You can hear the show in it’s entirety here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.28.16


  • zeetip

    Fetch, around 2h 12m into this show you mentioned how english is fairly easy to learn, thus culturally transferable; and you contrasted it with chinese. I can’t speak to chinese, but I’ve often thought how hard eng-as-2nd-language must be; esp due to the vowel sounds being all over the map! You can’t just look at & memorize a list of words, without also memorizing their pronunciations, for the word meaning you want. Common everyday words, not advanced/specialized vocab!

    Easiest example is the “…ough” combo– look it up; there’s like 7 different sounds it can make! THROUGH, TOUGH, THOUGH, COUGH, PLOUGH, and the +T combo: BOUGHT OUGHT THOUGHT etc.

    Or, today you read; yesterday you… red? No, you read yesterday. However today you lead, but yesterday you led. And what about the metal lead? The examples are endless… languages like spanish at least sort of fix this problem by having mostly consistent vowel sounds; though native speakers from MX vs AR vs Spain might beg to differ! Lol. Anyways, the “vowels problem” with eng stems from its historic origin; it’s sort of a barbarous relic language requiring way too much cold memorization!

    You’ve probably heard proud albeit misguided Americans tell Brits& others, “If America didn’t join WW 1/2, you’d all be speaking German right now!” Well so instead, the world is learning/speaking another highly imperfect language; English!

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