John Kaminski and Hurricane Irma – 9.9.17

John Kaminski appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! to discuss the latest his personal experiences regarding the preparations for Hurricane Irma. In addition, discussion included issues regarding the “AltRight”, alternative media personalities, personalities in the “White Nationalist” movement, the stalled presidency of Donald Trump, weather wars, FEMA, and much, much, more.\

A long time friend of Inside the Eye – Live!, a fun, informative, and entertaining interview.

In addition, visit John Kaminski’s new website, John

Listen here:

ITEL Radio Interview – John Kaminski – 9.9.17


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  • d marino

    Pretty nice show to be able to tune into as we listeners are privileged to be able to listen to two guys just casually speak about topics in this Jew owned world. However, the President of the USA isn’t stupid. He is fearful (as John mentioned) because the damn Communist Jews have put him into a stranglehold as they have done with ALL past Presidents whereby they threaten and blackmail them into following along with their agendas at all costs. For John to say that Trump simply stopped everything he said he would do is absurd. He can’t possibly fail to see that it is the damn Deep State Communists of the Jew ilk, the disgusting horde with power unimagined that are preventing Trump from accomplishing most anything for the good of America. Their agenda vs the President’s agenda will never be in agreement and the President’s enemies play very dirty as we witnessed with the murder of JFK and others within the government who dare to cross their paths.

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