Kevin MacDonald – Lessons from Charlottesville – ITEL Radio – 9.2.17

Kevin MacDonald, Editor in Chief of The Occidental Observer, returned to Inside the Eye – Live on Saturday, Sept. 2, 2017.  Kevin appeared in hour number 3.

The discussion largely revolved around what was widely seen as a victory for hostile Jewish elite that is running the United States as they seek to shut down any and all rising nationalist sentiments in the United States.  At the forefront of the discussion was the recent Unite the Right rally that was permitted and scheduled to run in the middle of August but which was brutally crushed by the city of Charlottesville and the state of Virginia when “Antifa” protesters who were, according to some independent Youtube videos, bused in.

Even though the Charlottesville was a clear victory for Jewish power in America, the defeat presented valuable information at the operational depth and deception of the now political opposition.  From complicit police forces who actively “stand down”, or worse, herd Nationalists into running a waiting gauntlet of Antifa paramilary units, to a clear recognition that this hostile Jewish elite is doing an end run around Constitutional protections on free speech through the use of abuse of monopolistic power of digital social media and financial platforms, the entrenched enemy of the United States has, and continues to unveil, its operational strategy and absolute contempt for political aspirations of nationalist Americans.

An admonition: do not underestimate that literal contempt and loathing for Americans that is entrenched in the establishments institutional structures.  The war against Western civilization will not be won with a single battle, and it will not be lost with a single event.  Some defeats from over-reaching, but have the more important effect of drawing out your enemy.

That was Charlottesville.

Immigration, stalled POTUS Trump initiatives, dangers of even heavier handed actions by hostile Jewish media and technology companies all featured in this fast paced discussion.

ITEL Radio Interview – Kevin MacDonald – 9.2.17

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  • Roy Albrecht

    IMO this is a precisely correct written introduction to this interview and because of it, I decided to take the time to listen. There is a “…give away…” tell tale sign that points to a GLOBALLY COORDINATED ASSAULT ON ARYAN MAN…

    Now before going ballistic on me for using the word “…Aryan…”, may I remind you that East Indians and some Northern Pakistanis regard themselves as “…Aryans…” and are also opposed to the Jew World Order.

    Therefore, to depict this struggle as Whites against Jews would be not only incorrect but would also be forgetting about the literally…, HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF POTENTIAL ALLIES…, that live in all parts of the world.

    We do not need to invite these people to our lands or interbreed with them, but we should not exclude or alienate them from a battle which they too would be willing to die for.

    Getting back to the , “…give away sign…” as to why I consider this to be a “…Top Down…” coordinated assault on Aryan man…,
    people merely need to look at the SYNCHRONICITY
    or in other words…,
    From the Oxford Dictionary…, the simultaneous occurrence of events which appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection….,
    of how all the different nodes of power
    (i.e. Jew owned Mass Media, Jew controlled Internet Power Players, Jew proxy controlled Corporate Powers, Jew owned or proxy controlled NGOs [Non-Government Organizations] that advise/teach or otherwise hold official recognition and status and are often referred to as “…experts or authorities…”, etc… )
    come out
    To the untrained eye…,
    which is what the Western Public largely is.., although increasing less and less so every day…,
    it is easy to see how they might get sucked into believing what they read or hear from these sources.
    Getting to the interview…;
    Pointing out that the Nazi and KKK symbols present at Charlottesville were Jewish plants is a good thing to do…., because they are being wielded as weapons against “…Normal…” Aryans.
    However, IMO, Dr. MacDonald is fully INCORRECT and indeed may be showing signs of mild psychosis when he SUBMITTS to the JEWISH DISINFORMATIION CAMPAIGN AGAINST BOTH THE KKK AND THE NAZIs.
    Dr. K.MacDonald should have both the intestinal fortitude and the intellectual honesty to take the time needed to defend and define the origins of both these institutions and thereafter proceed to remind the reader that THESE ARE THE DEPTHS TO WHICH THE JEW HAS THE AVERAGE PERSON BRAINWASHED !!!

    IMO, either the Professor is stuck in the past, is mildly deluded, is cowardly or he is can even be accuse of being part of the Jewish Matrix if he does not correctly identify the mechanisms used by the Jews in these regards…
    Furthermore, IMO, he is indirectly and implicitly joining the Jews in the Defamation of Groups that began their lives as honourable institutions and over time have had their reputations besmirched by the Jew World Order.
    Failing to take the time to rehabilitate the reputations of these and other maligned groups…,
    or at least putting them into their proper context…,
    is again IMO a huge backward step and DECREASES the professors reputation as a spokes person for the Aryan Army that fights the Jew World Order.

    Moreover.., the term “…Alt-Right…” is now being conjoined by President Trump with the newly minted term, “….Alt-Left…” !!
    So the part of the American Public that still regards what the President or some of the Fake News tells them as being true are now being subjected to the confusing choice between any population cohort that has the term “…Alt-…” attached to it
    the broader public spectrum at large that is fed up with what is transpiring in America and the World at the hands of Blasphemous Jews.

  • The flying of swastika flags by agents seeking to discredit the statue defenders in Charlottesville gives a very literal meaning to the term “false flag attack.” A familiar tactic on the part of those interests.

  • Gus Armstrong

    Other than funding, what are the obstacles to creating our own web hosting company the jews cannot control?

  • Cleavis Nowell

    Noticed a couple of Red Ice videos; hope they have their website back up. Alt Right folk need to set-up their own Linux or Unix server for it may be the only way to keep podcasts up. Northwest Front seems to have not been affected.

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