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Revolution Radio has added a new listener telephone number.  To listen to Inside the Eye – Live! when away from your favorite streaming media platform, simply call in!

Listener Line! +1-712-432-6958

(Note: this number is not for “Listener Participation”.  See below for Inside the Eye – Live! “Listener Participation Line“)

NEW!!!  Listener Participation Line

Inside the Eye – Live! maintains an open phone policy.  Listener participation is welcome.  Listen Live! or Participate!

NEW Listener Participation Line!!!

USA +1-323-275-1314

Revolution Listen Live with Chat: RevRadio Chat Page
Inside the Eye – Live! streams at 32kbps or 64 kbps

Note for Metered Bandwidth Consumers:
A 32K stream = 14.4 MB download per hour
A 64K stream = 28.8 MB download per hour


Listen to Archived Shows

  • Past Interviews
    A complete list of all interviews currently available.  Interviews have had the balance of the show edited out, leaving just the interview portion of the show
    [link to page]
  • ITEL Radio Archive –
    A years worth of Inside the Eye – Live! available at the Inside the Eye – Live! page at
    [link to page]
  • ITEL Radio Archive – “Mami’s Shit”
    Archived shows downloaded and distributed by the good folks at “Mami’s Shit“.  Archives include shows from Oracle Broadcasting and nearly all shows that have been broadcast on “Revolution Radio”.
    [link to page]


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  • Mark

    Hi Dennis,

    the show is live in the middle of the night in Australia (and Japan) and the sound quality of the 16k podcast does not do the show justice, plus listeners have to edit out or fast forward through ads.
    Could you host higher quality ad-free podcasts on your website?


  • TheFetch

    Hi Mark,

    The 64K streams are a premium product of the Oracle Broadcasting Network which of course kindly pays all the bills to make the shows available. Please consider a subscription to Oracle Broadcasting (referencing yours truly of course). Not even I have access to the 64K streams…have not asked to have access actually.

  • TheFetch

    One other things aside – yes. It is possible to add other podcasts that are not Oracle content – something being considered.

  • John Fitzgerald

    Is there a latest podcast page?

  • Nunya Business

    Is there a latest podcast page with a RSS feed? It’s needed.

    • TheFetch

      Hi Nunya. We do have an RSS feed. You can enter it by clicking on the RSS feed icon in the social media links section on the right side bar. Alternatively: Thanks for listening and supporting the show.

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