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Inside the Eye – Live! maintains one of the more active, informative, and entertaining chatrooms in all of alternative media. Guests gather from around the world to catch up on the latest news and views. Whether you wish to participate or follow along during the show, you will be sure to gain valuable information that cuts through the information white out.[two_third][/two_third]

General Rules:

a) Hasbarat activities are strictly censured
b) Trolling or favorable references to trolling groups are strictly censured
c) Express yourselves freely but show “IRL” courtesies

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Troll Slayer

Access lines to participate on air:

Direct Line: +1-347-688-2902
Skype: freedomscreen

Disclaimer: This chat room is provided for entertainment and educational purposes of the listening audience of Inside the Eye – Live!. The comments and views expressed herein do not necessarily reflect the views of Revolution Radio, Inside the Eye – Live,, or any of the sponsors, hosts of Revolution Radio, or the host of Inside the Eye – Live!

  • Negentropic
  • Charles Walker

    777 a number

  • nomo lyin

    Good discussion with Kaminski. It’s all playing out according to the well-kept secret Plan …

  • Lindsay Helbert Smith

    Dennis, check your Facebook messages… Sent you a good article about Labor Day! from Brian S.

  • Val


  • gennifer

    Eric karlstrom awesome

  • Warwick Hunt


  • vmn

    Last three shows rock, thanks Fetch. I listened to the Tuskin Tussle many times. Cheers.

    • TheFetch

      Hi VMN – thanks for the feedback. Always great to hear positive feedback and truthfully, we have been happy with the way the last few shows have worked out. Not easy to bring a solid effort each and every show but so nice to hear when you are doing things right.

  • Wow- all new chatroom. I have been away a long time.

  • DrMozart

    One Eyeeeeee & Bruiserrrrrrrr

  • Asskick Films

    Good evening 🙂

  • Asskick Films

    Sound superb.

  • Talliris Pamala

    can you address jew harvey weinstein???

  • Vego Bronson

    the quote search ad is blocking my chat window. can you move that quotesearch ad?

  • tony

    Why do western Americans worship a middle eastern deity?

    What the hell are white people doing in the middle east? other than raping and pillaging arabs?

    Someone called Jesus is responsible for most of the worlds wealth to a small few? why is that

    Are these white people just retards?

    • Obviously you know nothing of White people and their history. Even the pharoahs of Egypt have been shown to have Celtic DNA, while our ancestors have been found living among the Chinese long before historians believed it was even possible. The retards are those who think that Whites are purely insular and fail to understand the greatness and grandeur of our races that have always been a part of the global community far more than others in inverse relations. Even the Maya and Aztecs had their tales of exalted White people…so sad that you buy into the a Jewish narrative that puts all the blame for the ills of the world on Whites. Perhaps you should focus a bit more on Jews and their control of foreign policy and how they send Americans and other Europeans to war against others on behalf of Jews and their individual interests.

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