Here is a list of all current music used for Inside the Eye – Live!

Effective August 13, 2016

Bottom Hour 2: Open Highway removed, replaced as follows:
Bottom Hour 2: Push the Stone, Artist: Silent Partner, Genre: Rock: Funky

This song is from Youtube’s free music audio library and is a part of license use free material

Spring 2016 – Present

Beginning sometime in the Spring of 2016, bumber intro and outro music was reintroduced into the Inside the Eye – Live! production mix. Technical issues on playback means that some shows are lacking some or all bumper music after this period, but by and large, the reintroduction of bumper music has been successful. The music is set in a specific order (for ease of reference and credits).

These songs are all from Youtube’s free music audio library and are a part of license use free material and appear as follows:

Bottom Hour 1: Secrets Secrets, Artist: Silent Partner, Genre: Country & Folk: Calm
Top Hour 2: Up Above, Artist: Letter Box, Genre: Alternative & Punk: Bright
Bottom Hour 2: Open Highway, Artist: Silent Partner, Genre: Rock: Angry
Top Hour 3: Wish You’d Come True, Artist: The 126ers, Genre: Rock: Inspirational
Bottom Hour 3: Rural Stride, Artist: Joel Kirsh/Media Right Productions, Genre: Country & Folk: Happy

Spring Music Intro Credit for Revolution Radio, effective April 6, 2013

At Revolution Radio, “copyright music” is not being used on the network. Only CC licensed material is being used. Inside the Eye – Live! has contributed two elements to the show production:

a) 1 Min Show Advertisement
b) 50 Second Show Intro Bumper

Each music production element is using the following music:

Artist: Jason Shaw

Short Bio: In the 90’s Jason began to take audio engineering seriously, and studied the craft of engineering and production under Marshall Block(real ii reel studio Fenton MI), who served on the board of directors at the Recording Institute of Detroit . Jason has also earned an advanced mixing technology certificate under Hans Martin Buff at the School of Audio Engineering. Buff has worked with such artists as Prince, and The Scorpions, to name a few.

Artist Website: Audionautix

Music Selection, Genre: Rock

Music Selection: “Rock Your World” (plays on click)

Previous Music Sets

ITEL Radio Autumn 2012 – Winter 2013

ITEL Radio Summer 2012 Music Set

  • Love your show! Blessings, ~G

  • Mark

    I’m a mature age music student in Australia and learned the intro to “Saturday in the Park” on piano after hearing it on your show and discovered Chicago’s great music. I found sheet music for Saturday in the Park online and suggested it as a song for my Ensemble.
    The response after performing it in front of an audience today seemed to be pretty good, few people had heard it before but that seemed to help.

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