Terror Templates – False Flag Methodology with Ole Dammegard – 6.24.17

Ole Dammegård, noted researcher on politically motivated assassinations (JFK, among others) and the ever evolving use of false flags by government and corporate agents, guest appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! in the 3rd hour of the June 24, 2017 show.

Ole discussed the evolving “cottage industry” of crisis event simulation and how this industry is almost always used as a cover for release of “live terror” events and fingered Crisis Management Systems, a leading crisis simulation firm, as being one of the probable heads of the snake of state sponsored false flag terror operations.

From roving “troupes” of “crisis actors”, to semi-secret ferrying of military and technical experts, to the motivations and planting of breadcrumbs that lead to any given false flag simulated “terror event”, Ole provided a fascinating exposé on the evolving nature of today’s use of “simulated terror” in advancing what can only be described as a dark, sinister, agenda.

Ole Dammegård’s website is Light on Conspiracies, while his Facebook page is found here..

You can hear the entire interview here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Ole Dammegård – 6.24.17