Thanksgiving 2015 – Turkey on the Table – ITEL Radio – 11.28.15

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, November 28, 2015, returned to Amman, Jordan, for a shortened Thanksgiving Holiday Special. On the table? Turkey. And more Turkey. Turkey’s shoot down of a Russian SU-24 inside of Syrian territory dominated the show as Inside the Eye – Live! examined the circumstances and fallout of Turkey’s support of their mercenary armies operating inside of Syria.

LiFi and listener calls completed a fun and faced paced two hour Thanksgiving holiday shows.

Turkey Downs Russian SU-24 under Absurd Rationalizations


Turkey’s shoot down of a Russian SU-24 in Syrian airspace highlighted Syria’s role in protecting Israel crafted mercenary forces currently operating and fighting in Syria. The downing of the Russian SU-24 occurred during operations by the Russian aircraft in traditional Turkman areas of Turkey, a people closely linked to and supported by Turkey.

Turkey’s rush to lead with press releases about how the Russian aircraft was warned 10 times and strayed into Turkish airspace for a whole 14 seconds was mocked and scoffed by most intelligent media and intelligence organs.

Many theories as to why the Russian plane was targeted, but one of the more probable theories was that this was a rogue hit using Turkish military assets in an effort to exact revenge and perhaps protect Turkish oil business through the theft of Syrian oil that is re-exported from Turkey to Israel and Asian ports.

Russia, for its part, has been aggressively targeting the economic wing of the mercenary force through hitting oil tankers and storage facilities.

Russia Responds to Turkey’s Provocation


Russia, in return, deployed S-400 anti-aircraft missile batteries that now cover nearly half of the entire airspace of Turkey, as well as half of Israel, most of Jordan, parts of Iraq, and all of Syria.

In addition, Moscow cut all military communications to Turkey and began implementing economic sanctions against Turkey, including an immediate cessation of all visa free travel by Turks into Russia, a ban on hiring of Turks to work within the Russian Federation, as well as increasing scrutiny of agricultural products bound from Turkey to the Russian Federation.

Russia also went on a public relations offensive, directly linking Erdogan and Turkey to being sponsors and supporters of international terror units, stealing oil and reselling it on global markets, as well as “stabbing” Russia “in the back”.

This story is developing.

You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 11.28.15


  • Negentropic

    Paris “La Casa Nostra Cafe” Psy-Op – SMOKING GUN Proving it Was a STAGED HOAX

    To both stage and do a false-flag PsyOp “for real” simultaneously makes no sense whatsoever, courts completely unnecessary headaches and complications, defeats its own purpose and eliminates the very options that the staging (rather than doing it for real) leaves open (exactly who to make victims, exactly who to point to at culprits, etc.). Also, if a thing like this ever came to trial in a proper court, proven lying testimony such as the above gets the entire case thrown out and the people and institutions testifying on behalf of its authenticity implicated as perjurers.

    So, how many of these clown-shows does it take before all you “it was a real false-flag massacre” people realize that Press-TV, RT and 99% of the alt-media represent faux-journalism limited hangouts which re-enforce official fear-based trauma narratives from a different direction rather than provide any valid research as to “whodunnit,” never mind “how it was done” to mediate the devastating psychological impact of future similar PsyOps now coming at a rate of at least one-a-month?

    “How it was done” always points to the same “whodunnit,” done by those who own and control the fully complicit media of the countries and cities where each PsyOp takes place.

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