The Isisian Codes – The Formative Years

One of the more popular esoteric podcasts of the late 2000’s was “Inside the Eye, The Podcast Companion to the Illuminatus Observor. There were 10 shows produced, with each show set into approximately 10 minute lengths. This was largely due to the cost and bandwidth utilization constraints in place during that period. The podcast highlighted in audio form content that was made available about English Qaballa and the Isisian Codes through the website “The Illuminatus Observor. Destorying the Signatures of the Occult as only Masters of the Craft can do!”

In an effort to preserve these podcasts and enhance their value, they are being put into video format wherein the video provides visual support for the underlying concepts being discussed in the podcast and, where relevant, the article from which the podcast was drawn.

Of interest here is that “The Isisian Codes – The Formative Years” is the absolute original podcast ever produced in an “ad lib”, radio style format. As such, it represents a bit of history as it was the original pilot that launched the radio show “Inside the Eye – Live!”

Historical Perspective on Philosophical Foundation Material


This podcast wades through the foundation years of the development of “the Isisian Codes”. It details some rudimentary basics into what is known as “the Craft of the Letters”. You can watch the video here:

The Illuminatus Observor article permalink is here.

  • Negentropic

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    All the guys in your chat-room were trapped into this PsyOp from the word go because they never bother to authenticate anything coming directly from enemy propaganda. They just take it and run with it, ESPECIALLY if it baits them into serving one of their agendas.

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