This is THE END – Peering into the 10

This article is from “the Illuminatus Observor”, the Fetch’s blog dedicated to esoteric deconstruction of the English language.  This article looks at the nature (and number) of the Letters T and N and how these letters operate as phonetic counting cues and as well as additional esoteric insights.

Here is the article intro.  More available at “The Illuminatus Observor”.

This is the END – Peering into the 10

In Plutarch’s Isis and Osiris, we find the following at Section 1, 3:12-13,

…the true votary of Isis is he who, when he has legitimately received what is set forth in the ceremonies connected with these gods, uses reason in investigating and in studying the truth contained therein.

Also, in the Book of Formation, or the Sepher Yetzirah, we are told that the Construct is such that the Letters are as if located on a sphere and may be rotated this way or that.

Each of these concepts shall be demonstrated within this article.

Words as IQ Testing

The use of Logic and Reason are paramount to understanding the nature of how the Construct was embed into language.  A simple way to view this concept is consider that crafted words as akin to a form of IQ test wherein patterns reveal the mathematical values that underlie various letters in words.  In most cases, crafted words often take on a form of mathematical equation or drop down style cipher.

Take, for example, this simple question from an IQ test:

The 5th daughter’s name is Nunu, for we have a simple pattern where the vowel is changing from A of Nana to E of Nene to I of Nini to O of Nono.  As the vowel pattern in English is AEIOU, those versed in English should be easily able to comprehend the answer.

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