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100 Years of FakeNews – The Real Story of the Holohoax(tm) – 1.28.17

Inside the Eye – Live! began with an expose of the “Horrors of the Holocaust”, or an historical review of Jewish controlled media’s attempts to sell the “6 million holocaust figure” through their controlled media. The earliest reference of 6 million being used by Jews as some sort of Kabballistic voodoo tale was in a court case in Italy in the 1860’s.

Numerous quotes regarding Jewish attempts to sell the 6 million beginning in 1900 and on out into 1916 highlight the insidious nature within which Jews have sought to sell their 6 million victims narrative. As the week of January 22-28 included “Holocaust Memorial Day”, the reality that Jews have lied and used the 6 million figure hundreds of times before the close of World War II teaches us very valuable lesson: Jews have been engaged in “fake news” for well over a century.

We then discussed Trump’s executive order ordering a moratorium from 7 different countries which, (((coincidentally))), mirrors the same countries that Jews/Neocons targeting for take-out after 9-11. An analysis of how media attempted to frame Trump’s immigration moratorium executive order ended hour number 1.

In hour’s 2 and 3, Lee Rogers, former host of “Live Free or Die Radio” and the current Editor in Chief of visited for an hour and half for a friendly chat that covered a wide array of topics.

The last half hour covered some regional (Middle East) current events.

Nice show. You can hear the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 1.28.17