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Sunday, June 25th, 2017


Terror Templates – False Flag Methodology with Ole Dammegard – 6.24.17

Ole DammegÃ¥rd, noted researcher on politically motivated assassinations (JFK, among others) and the ever evolving use of false flags by government and corporate agents, guest appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! in the 3rd hour of the June 24, 2017 show. Ole discussed the evolving “cottage industry” of crisis event simulation and how this industry is almost always used as a cover for release of “live terror” events and fingered Crisis Management Systems, a leading crisis simulation firm, as being one of the probable heads of the snake ofRead More

Grenfell Fire Disaster – Latest (with Graham Hart) – 6.24.17

Graham Hart joined Inside the Eye – Live! at the bottom of hour #2 to discuss some of the latest revelations from the Grenfell Tower Fire in West London. The Grenfell Fire was a catastrophic fire that occurred in a 24 story high rise that had been retrofitted with highly flammable cladding material. The building is purported to have housed over 500 people for which the vast majority remain unknown, unaccounted for, and presumed dead. The fire is unique in that it highlights what appears to be massive corruption criminalRead More