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Thursday, September 7th, 2017


RadioITEL Announces New Social Media Channels

Inside the Eye – Live!, also known as RadioITEL (formed after the former ITELRadio was deleted by Twitter) has created additional video channels on BitChute and  Although these platforms do not have the reach of Youtube, recent efforts by Youtube to send content into their “Googlag”, a form of restricted availability that forces users to have a direct link to access the video as well as denying content producers and consumers to interact and have access to basic statistical data like “views”, means that a reliance on Youtube asRead More

Sabotaging Success – Blaming the “Goy” for “their failures”

Have you ever heard, or more acutely, how often have you heard Jews and/or their agents say things like, “You just blame Jews for everything”, or “You are not taking responsibility for your own failures”, or any number of permutations that might run off of these sentiments?  Well, with the ongoing purge of Nationalists social media accounts, the de-funding or “deplatforming” of Nationalist oriented websites from such financial platforms as Paypal, Patreon, and other crowd funding sites, the idea that “the goy” are responsible for “their own failures” is rapidlyRead More

Rudiments of Qaballa – Video Restricted by Youtube

“The Fetch” appeared recently on the Brian Ruhe show to discuss “The Rudiments of Qaballa”, explaining in some detail the rational and logical basis for language being set against mathematical matrices upon which “secret” or “coded” information may be preserved directly within language itself.  The video was promptly placed into Youtube’s “Googlag”, a restricted mode that prevents direct sharing and other direct interaction between consumers and content producers. A follow-on article is now live on Illuminatus Observor. For those who are familiar with “The Fetch’s” esoteric work with the EnglishRead More