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Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


The Shomrim and British Sovereignty – ITEL Prime Time! – 10.12.17

Shomrim, Jewish vigilante groups operating under the guise of state, patrol vast areas of Jewish ghettos in the United States and Britain.  Culled from the ultra-extremist “Haredi” elements of Jewish culture, these vigilante groups roam the streets with all the trappings of the instrument of state: cars, badges, uniforms, private communication systems, and much more. Trained by the larger community police forces, these organizations are essentially subsidized with non-Jewish (Goy) money with the intent to patrol their own neighborhoods.  Often accused of being thugs and bullies, these extremist Jewish elementsRead More

Sukkot as Jewish Political Philosophy – ITEL Radio – 10.7.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, October 7, 2017, provided a brief commentary on the folly of chasing false flag events like the recent “Las Vegas” shootings.  Hour 2 followed with some commentary on the Jewish “religious” ideal known as “Sukkot” and then closed with some extensive discussion about the manner in which Jewish “pompousity” becomes expressed through Jewish controlled media outlets. An entertaining, fast paced show. Morons and the Media – The Folly of Chasing Media Events What has become obvious within America politics is that “government”, whateverRead More