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Sunday, January 7th, 2018


IHRA Anti-Semitism Definition – Clear Path to Tyranny – 1.6.18

Inside the Eye – Live! had a great start to the New Year as the show peered into the encroaching shenanigans of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance, and international scoped Jewish NGO which uses their views of the mythical Holocaustâ„¢ as a focal point to impose specific forms of tyranny that target freedom of speech and freedom of association by invoking a “definition” of anti-Semitism and then imposing this definition onto governments as “writ of State” under which all people within these sovereign territories must obey and subjugate themselves to.Read More

Ahed Tamimi – Jewish Occupation and Palestinian Resistance – ITEL Prime Time – 1.4.17

As we enter into 2018, the ongoing terror and brutality of the Jewish occupation of Palestine was the lead geopolitical story as the case of the 16 year old Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi, continues to gain global recognition for her well publicized slap on the face of a Jewish “soldier” (uniformed state terrorist).  What makes this story so gauling is that Newsweek had the audacity to victim blame Ms. Ahed Tamimi, describing her has having “a long history of assault against the police”, yet nowhere did this Zio Fake NewsRead More

Nuanced Jewish Rhetoric – ITEL – 12.30.17

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, December 30, 2017, rang out the year with a look at the difficult Winter weather spreading across the United States and southern Europe.  In hour 2, a discussion on nuanced Jewish rhetoric, attempts to stifle political dissent and discussion through the use of imposing “hate speech” laws, and the UK government’s hearing wherein Twitter, Google, and Facebook have been chided for not doing enough to “combat online hate”, which is simply nuanced speech designed to say that these organizations are not doing enoughRead More

Jews Whining about Christmas and Jewish Control of the Vote – ITEL Prime Time – 12.28.17

The final Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time for 2017 presented a whirlwind of stories delivered with rapid fire timing. From Jews complaining publicly about being wished a “Merry Christmas”, to the Houthi takeover of Yemen as a result of failed “anti terrorist” strategies of the United States, this final ITEL Prime Time show of 2017 provided a wide range thought fodder as we move into 2018. Ultimately, the issue of corruption within government channels, a caustic and decaying force within the West, requires eradication. POTUS’s “deal with theRead More