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Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018


Protesting Parisian Jews and Jewish Gun Grabs – ITEL PT – 3.29.18

The level of absurdity coming from the Jewish community is reaching peak insanity.  A recent apparently random murder of an elderly woman in Paris, a woman who happened to be Jewish, made for an insanely stupid display of “protesting against anti-Semitism” by Jewish groups in Paris. When asked what the protest was about, he said: “The spirit of resistance — a country that says it’s enough, you can’t accept that an old woman who survived … the Holocaust should be murdered.” – source Apparently, Jews think that by attaching theRead More

Facebook’s Censorship, Lady Renouf, and Tom Goodrich

A block buster show greeted listeners of Inside the Eye – Live! as Michèle Renouf appeared in hour two and Mike “Tom” Goodrich appeared in hour three.  To add a little more spice to the show, “Mary”, our beautiful and delightful voice greeting listening to Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! on Thursday’s, joined in the conversation with Tom in hour number 3. Facebook – Technocratic Tyranny Jewish Bolshevism understands, apparently, all too well that the one great defense barrier to their desires for global domination remains doctrines enshrinedRead More