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Wednesday, April 4th, 2018


“The Fetch” at The International Blended Learning Conference, Riyadh

This past November, 2017 witnessed the first International Conference on Blended Learning which was held at the Intercontinental Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.  The event brought together some 1500 delegates from 11 countries to discuss some of the latest trends and research into the field of “blended learning”.  The conference was organized by Saudi Electronic University, the first wholly dedicated blended learning college in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  The event’s Gold Sponsor by Assrooh Al Thakiyah, a leader in the development of blended learning content and resource supply withinRead More

A Holocaust (TM) Litmus Test? – ITEL – 3.31.18

Political events in the United Kingdom are highlighting a tyrannical trend: Jews are enforcing a “Holocaustâ„¢ Litmus Test” onto local and national politics, seeking to deny to local and national voting blocks a right to representatives of their choice should such choices not first accept and perpetuate the “Holocaustâ„¢ Myth”.  To drive this point home we discussed the latest shenanigans ongoing within the Labor Party in the United Kingdom where a Ms. Christine Shawcroft, the then chair of Labour’s dispute commission. At the heart of this story is Jewish furyRead More