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Friday, June 29th, 2018


Beer Rationed in Europe as CO2 Production Fizzles – ITEL PT – 6.28.18

With the World Cup in full swing combined with a lingering heat wave in the United Kingdom, this week proved that it is a terrible time for the global warming policy makers to celebrate the fact the Europe is now facing…a carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage. CO2, we come to learn, isn’t just a gas that global warming policymakers have targeted for elimination, the gas is also instrumental to the operation of modern civilization.  CO2 is used to make beers and soft drinks fizzle, add a day or two to theRead More

Greg Felton – The Host and the Parasite – ITEL PT – 6.28.18

Greg Felton, author of the book “The Host and the Parasite“, a work that details how “the Lobby”, Christian Evangelicals, and the Neocons rose to power beginning in the 1980’s.  Unfortunately, Greg’s mic was muffled, which made for some frustrating listening moments and his insistence on using “political correct” forms of cultural Marxist speech when speaking about Jewish influence in the United States and the West at large proved to be impediments to focusing purely on Greg’s work. The Host and the Parasite was a work begun shortly after 9-11,Read More