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A Discussion with Mark Collett – ITEL – 6.16.18

Mark Collett, the author of The Fall of Western Man“ and host of “This Week on the Alt-Right“, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, June 16, 2018.  Mark appears every Friday on the David Duke Show.

Mark discussed his early (and successful) years with the BNP, where he joined the party at the ripe old age of 20 and went on to lead the youth division of the party before going on to handle graphic design for the BNP during the more successful period in the BNP’s history.

The show moved into a detailed discussion on the underlying problems and principles of “free speech”.  The hypocrisy of the “Tommy Robinson crowd”, which does not support the right to free speech for nationalists of any stripe was an issued raised with the caveat that there is a need to harness the energy from those people who work on the fringes of the problem (Jewish political dominance) as Tommy Robinson.

Mark’s point of view (shared here) is that those who are raising awareness of social problems, even as they fall far short of actually hitting the primary target (Jewish political dominance) should be viewed as an opportunity to engage in co-opting the established movements and use that energy to grow a political force more versed and knowledgeable of the core problem (Jewish political dominance).

We then went on to discuss the latest proposed sentencing guidelines that would put people in jail for up to 6 years for producing material that, essentially, is not approved by those in the Jewish community.  The only criteria you would have to meet to be placed into the jail is to have put some material onto social media (ex., Youtube), intend to reach an international audience, are considered to be an “influencer”.

Mark then went on to discuss his book “The Fall of Western Man” and the way in which Europeans have become “atomized” and how Western man has gone from a cohesive culture to a splintered society that has become so socially neutered that there wasn’t even coordinated defense of their children being driven off into the night to be molested by the benefactors of multiculturalists.

This was a lucid and insightful discussion well worth a listen.

Inside the Eye -Live! Interview – Mark Collett – 6.16.18

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