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A War Caste Through Words

A new article up on “The Illuminatus Observor” about philosophical constructions in the Alphabet, the Letter L, and the idea of “God” and “lesser gods”. The article weaves through some musing from 70’s music and its occult influence.

But perhaps nothing contributed to my “Sunday lunch confusion” more than trying to reconcile just what was behind the logic of a Jewish use of “G-d” in lieu of “God”. The explanation from the Jewish camp was, quite frankly, beyond any logic or reason. No matter, Jews clung to their reasons and beliefs. I thought it more sane that children would believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy more than adults from the Jewish community persisting in their contortions.

“No self respecting Jew would ever say the name of G-d”, they would say.

But. But. God is an English word, and Jews had their own word, albeit that too was nonsensical. Their word translated to YHVH in English, which for some reason, they never had a problem vocalizing.

It would not be till many years later that the whole of the Construct would begin to make sense.

A War Caste through Words (That Pesky Letter L)
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A War Caste Through Words

This is from the original Inside the Eye, The Podcast Companion to the Illuminatus Observor It has been heavily edited. It dates to 2009. The audio file is moderately corrupted in the center of the video.