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ADEF Saudi Arabia, Tom Bowie – AFP VP Candidate, Kevin Barrett, Truth Jihad – ITEL Radio – 2.27.16

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, February 27, 2016, looked into Saudi Arabia’s continuing efforts to expand their manufacturing base. These efforts include seeking expanded manufacturing capacity in support of the Ministry of Defense and Aviation (MoDA) and major corporate enterprises. In hour #2, Tom Bowie, the vice presidential candidate for the American Freedom Party came on to discuss #WhiteGenocide, the war on European heritage and culture, as well as “the Mantra” as taught by Bob Whitaker. In hour 3, Kevin Barrett from Truth Jihad Radio came on to discuss Israel, 9-11, the Middle East, and the Islamification of Europe.

ITEL Radio Full Show – 2.27.16

ADEF – 2016


The Fetch’s recent visit to the ADEF 2016 Exhibition was featured in hour number 1. The show targets Saudi Arabia’s manufacturing sector, with a keen interest to expand manufacturing opportunities in support of Saudi Arabia’s armed forces and civil defense. A number of high profile manufacturers were represented, including Boeing, Lockheed-Martin, General Dynamics Land Systems, to name a few.

Interesting side stories were revealed, including the recent signing of an agreement between Ukraine’s Antonov Aircraft and Saudi Arabia’s Taqnia to build 98 Antonov 132’s in Saudi Arabia. Additional insights can be learned from listening to the show.

Tom Bowie – VP Presidential Candidate – American Freedom Party


In hour number 2 we were joined by Tom Bowie, the AFP VP Candidate. Tom discussed his life growing up on on “sharecropper” farm, he awakening to issues facing people of European descent, the Mantra, and much, much more.

You can hear the Tom Bowie interview (right click then save as) here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Tom Bowie – 2.27.16

Kevin Barrett – The Islamization of Europe


In the final hour, Kevin Barrett came on to discuss 9-11, Israel, the Middle East, and, in the final half hour, a heated discussion between The Fetch and Kevin Barrett regarding the Islamization of Europe.

In this regard, Kevin Barrett ultimately feels that Islam is good for Europe and that the worst thing that happened to Europe was Europe’s ability to defeat Islam and remain Christian.

You can hear Kevin Barrett discuss his views of regarding the Islamization of Europe and more by right clicking and downloading the following:

ITEL Radio Interview – Kevin Barrett – 2.26.16