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Ahed Tamimi – Jewish Occupation and Palestinian Resistance – ITEL Prime Time – 1.4.17

As we enter into 2018, the ongoing terror and brutality of the Jewish occupation of Palestine was the lead geopolitical story as the case of the 16 year old Palestinian activist, Ahed Tamimi, continues to gain global recognition for her well publicized slap on the face of a Jewish “soldier” (uniformed state terrorist).  What makes this story so gauling is that Newsweek had the audacity to victim blame Ms. Ahed Tamimi, describing her has having “a long history of assault against the police”, yet nowhere did this Zio Fake News outlet inform its readers that Jews had murdered multiple members of her family, including an uncle who had previously lost both of his legs and was protesting (holding a sign).

Her uncle was wheelchair bound.  In addition, after Ahed’s arrest, another family member was killed by Jewish terrorists.

Yet all fake news Newsweek could muster was a limp dick Jewish hasbara piece that attacked Ahed and failed to mention in any context the very reasons why she has been so vocal against Jewish occupation forces.

In hour 2, the story of Monika Shaeffer  a violinist of German dissent who, later in years in life, realized that she had been exceptionally cruel to her German mother by holding her mother responsible for the alleged crimes of Germans during World War

The song was entitled, “Sorry, mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust” in tribute and memory of her mother.

While attending and observing a trial against Sylvia Stolz, who is being tried in Germany for words spoken in 2012 while at an anti censorship conference in Switzerland, Monika Shaeffer, a Canadian citizen, was herself arrested.

This is what happens when you go deep into the heart of Jewish controlled “Holocaust” country, but clearly Germans and Germany have a long way to go to reclaiming even basic modicums of sovereignty.

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time – 1.4.18