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“Ahlia” – Media Monitoring Specialist from Amman on ITEL Radio – 3.1.14


“Ahlia”, a Jordanian media monitoring specialist from Amman, Jordan, was a guest on March 1, 2014. The show proved to be the most downloaded show since Inside the Eye – Live! moved to the Revolution Radio format with over 15K downloads. The previous high had been a bit above 10K downloads for a show featuring John Friend.

The show provided a light and entertaining insight into what it was like to grow up as a girl in Jordan and what is it like to be a professional Muslim woman trying to make one’s way within Jordanian society.

From Semi-Agrarian to Metropolitan Lifestyle


Ahlia shared what has been a transformative Jordanian society, from the time when she grew up in a very poor village in the south of Jordan and how, as a girl, challenges still existed to the idea of girls getting a good education instead of the traditional calls for an early marriage.

From her time in the University to seeking out for a better life in “the City”, Amman, Ahlia described a journey that so many females from her society have made in their efforts to make a better life for they and their families.

It is a tale that is oft told in many a country.

Ahlia also took time to reflect on her life choices and where she finds herself today, from the benefits she enjoys to the sacrifices she has made as she finds expression in a Jordanian society where marriage is often settled by the time one reaches the age of 25.

In all, the insights provided were quite fascinating.

Media Monitoring


Ahlia is a journalist and a media monitoring specialist, which means that she monitors trends in print and online media and reports these trends to her news bureau clients.

Of particular interest are the trends that are found in the nearly 200 local Jordanian digital media outlets.

Discussion included some of the recent laws by the Jordanian government to licensed digital media outlets in the Kingdom and the reasons for these efforts on behalf of the Jordanian government.

The Arab Spring and the Future of Jordan

Source: The Telegraph

Source: The Telegraph

Adding to the intrigue was a discussion about the Arab Spring, its affects on the Middle East, and Jordan’s place in the greater scheme of a changing political landscape.

You can hear the entire show here:

To hear the edited interview portion of the show, you can listen here:

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