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Alfred Shaefer, German Nationalist – ITEL – 6.2.18

Alfred Shaefer, German Nationalist and an advocate of advancing factually correct history on behalf of Germans and Western civilization, joined Inside the Eye – Live! on June 2, 2018 to discuss his being hauled into the courts by Jewish controlled German federal courts for the crime of putting forward factually correct statements about Germany, National Socialism, and Jewish attempts to fabricate history for their own political and economic gain.

As part of the discussion, we spoke about the manner in which words are being used to smear those who put forward factually correct information while at the same time using words to poison the rhetorical environment for the benefit of Jews and their interests.

Alfred discussed the exponential curve of awareness that from all indications, is rapidly approaching.  From the long, slow, seeming linear line which typified people becoming aware of the fabricated reality they have lived under as a result of Jewish malfeasance, we are rapidly approaching a growth sequence that is beginning to treble.  More and more people are speaking out and against Jewish domination and use of their “Holocaust” to advance their interests and harm Western interests even as Jews can be seen to be busily working over time to put the lid on the advancing pressure cooker they have created through their dishonest reliance of a macabre, sinister tale called “the Holocaust” juxtaposed to the rapidly encroaching Talmudic tyranny Jews are advancing as part of their genocidal political philosophy.

Updates on Monika Shaefer’s ongoing incarceration for singing a song to her mother as well as references to other German political prisoners, the growing sympathy of German police in supporting German nationalist efforts were all part of a great discussion that included some listener participation.

You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Interview – Alfred Shaefer – 6.2.18