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Alison Chabloz and Louis Farrakhan – Jewish Driven Tyranny – ITEL PT – 6.14.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, June 14, continued with the recent theme of highlighting Jewish group strategies and their resultant harm on Western civilization.  Of particular note for this show, we highlighted the recent “conviction” and sentencing of Alison Chabloz and looked at how Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, recently say his staff get abused in Australia while Louis Farakhan himself saw him lose his Twitter verified status after highlighting the true evil that rests at the core of Jewish society and culture.

The show also featured a shot segment on Trump’s continuing assault on the Jewish owned media, accurately portraying this media as an enemy of the United States.

The show was also streamed live on Youtube.

Alison Chabloz Sentencing

The sentencing of Alison Cbabloz, who in May was found guilty in a British kangaroo court apparently controlled by Jews, was handed down just a few hours before the show.  The sentencing had already become an international featured story in many international papers.  Headlines told the enormous magnitude Jews placed on this story as they try to impress citizens of the West that Jews are above and beyond criticism and that there shall not be any poking fun at the stupidity of so many dishonest lies spread by Jews in the name of their “Holocaustâ„¢” industry.

The Algemeiner, a vapid Jewish press piece, ran the headline, “Repulsive Antisemite” Convicted by UK Judge for Jew-Hating YouTube Videos, a headline so filled with an oozing hatred and patently false and misleading in its characterization of a victim of Jewish bullying and abuse for which Jews are rightly reviled, even as the clear revulsion “for Jews” was never the case of Alison Chabloz, personally.

Presiding “Judge Zani” put forward the idea that for British people, free speech is now void. It is “qualified”, whatever that means, and that the British people are now to be subject to Jewish power and henceforth may not speak openly about this power. It seems the land of the Magna Carta, the land which institutionalized the right to free speech as a protest against tyrannical power, has succumbed to the same power that gave rise to the need for the Magna Carta.


That power could be simply put as “Jews” and “Israel”, of which in the UK, this sentencing verdict firmly established that there is no difference between Jews and Israel insofar as the “British courts” are concerned.  The courts seem to be taking orders from Jewish (Israeli) political organs, of which, in this case, the Campaign Against Antisemitism, an unregistered Israel front operation, led the way for the Crown to prosecute its own citizens for the benefit of a hostile occupying elite.

It is safe to say, the UK is now dominated by a foreign occupying power.

Minister Farakhan Loses Twitter Verification Status

In line with Jewish bullying and abuse of power, the week say the Honorable Louis Farrahkan, the 83 year old leader of the Nation of Islam, woke up to find that his Twitter account had been “deverified”. Of course, the coveted “blue check” was created to enable the audience to know when a real person was posting to Twitter as opposed to the plethora of spoof accounts.

However, Jewish bullying and abuse of power have now determined that statements made towards Jews, whether true or not, may at anytime result in the person posting to social media losing their ability to post to social media or, in the case of Twitter, be “deverified”, a form of Jewish “deligitimization”.

We are entering a new era where Jews bully people into silence and dictate to everyone the terms of how public debate may be conducted.

Clearly, Jews are abusing their power, are making no secrets that they are abusing their power, and even are challenging people to dare to question their power.

Apparently, a society of spoiled dishonest children of Satan seem to think that planet Earth is theirs for the ruling.

You can hear the entire show here:

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time!