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Alison Chabloz – Musician and British Nationalist – ITEL Radio, 11.12.16

Alison Chabloz, musician and British Nationalist, made a guest appearance in hour #2 of the 11.12.16 edition of Inside the Eye – Live! Alison discussed her time living as a British expat within Europe and her return home to the UK and eventual transformation from a “leftist” to a “British Nationalist”. Alison also talked about her time as a musician plying her trade on Europe’s river cruise circuits.

Her experiences being a victim of targeted harassment by online and IRL Jewish “trolls”, her being blocked from performing at Edinborough’s “Fringe Festival” by Jewish venue owners, the “quenelle salute”, BREXIT, the London Forum, and much more.


The interview includes a pre-release audio file of Alison’s song “Tell Me More Lies” which opened up a 5 set musical performance at the London Forum in October. The musical set received a standing ovation.

A light and fun, yet informative interview.

ITEL Radio Interview – Alison Chabloz – 11.12.16

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