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Andrew Carrington Hitchcock, author, Synagogue of Satan – 4.15.17

Inside the Eye – Live! welcomed author and radio host Andrew (Andy) Carrington Hitchcock as a guest on Saturday, April 15, 2017.  Andy appeared in hour number 3 of show.

We were surprised to learn that Andy is a long time listener of Inside the Eye – Live!, a fact that we are genuinely humbled by as Andy is himself a very well respected radio host and alternative media personality in his own right.  We discussed his book, Synogogue of Satan, and how through history, Jews have found themselves on the wrong end of history as they have been purged from country to country to country.  Another key point raised was this idea of why it is necessary, even to this day, for Jews to persist in seeking censorship of their history, almost as if to say that Jews today harbor a collective guilt for the crimes and nature of Jewish attitudes towards non-Jews in the past and on into today.

Of particular interest was the recent celebration of the Magna Carta in the U.K., wherein specific clauses were omitted in the “modern version”, clauses that spoke specifically about heirs not having to pay debts owed to Jews upon the passing of one’s family member.  It is, as Andrew argues, these “omissions of facts” through which we find traces and hints of Jewish group culpability and ill will towards the current peoples of West.  Add in the massive genocides committed by Jews throughout Western history, as well as the ongoing efforts by Jews to silence any and all speech (dissent) in the West that might shed light on Jewish history, and a picture emerges of a hyper minority hell bent on imposing absolute totalitarian measures onto the native, indigenous populations of Europe.

Much more to be gleaned in what was a nice, relaxed, informative interview which you can hear here:

ITEL Radio Interview – Andrew Carrington Hitchcock – 4.15.17

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock