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Anti-White Campus Bias – ITEL-Prime Time – 11.30.17

Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time for Thursday, November 30, 2017, discussed some of the recent comments made regarding “The Fetch”.  The comments, available at Grizzom’s, spread the idea that “The Fetch” was under Saudi government control, was “compromised”, or otherwise was already taken into Saudi authority custody as part of the ongoing “anti-corruption” drive.

In the second hour, the show brought into the spotlight an extremist anti-White article that appeared on the school newspaper at Texas State University.  Entitled “Your White DNA is an Abombination” and illustrated by an apparent Jewess by the of Alyssa Franks, the piece oozed with malice towards traditional America and highlighted the Written by Latino by the name of Rudy Martinez, the piece oozed with extreme genocidal malice towards Europeans and traditional America.

Of course, all of this highlights the extreme anti-White bias that is endemic in liberal/Jewish academia and hints at a dire need to being massive purges or massive defunding of higher education, which should result in the same intended goal.

You can here this fast paced Inside the Eye – Live! – Prime Time – 11.30.17, here: