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A Conversation with Paul English – ITEL – 6.23.18

Paul English, one of the developers behind Eurofolk Radio, part time host of the show Fake News Now, joined Inside the Eye – Live! for an hour and half.  From a exceptionally rough opening caller who laid into Eurofolk Radio as being a “shill operation” to the reality that we all have to deal with putting down professional trolls and this necessitates the need to often cut down on people’s ability to leave comments on our various media forums. The discussion then moved into a looking into the changing dynamicsRead More

Pirates of the Mediterranean – ITEL 6.23.18

Matteo Salvini, the acting Deputy Prime Minister of Italy as well Italy’s Minister of Interior, has sent shock waves across Europe as he has declared that Italy will forthwith close its ports to human trafficking NGO’s.  Already, the Aquarius, a human trafficking ship run by Doctors without Borders, was turned away.  Malta refused entry of the ship also prompting Spanish officials to accede to allow the cargo of trafficked humans to land on Spanish shores. The new hard line stance by Matteo Salvini has opened up a diplomatic row withRead More

Burger King: White Girl. Bring us a black baby. – ITEL PT – 6.21.18

Automation arrived a long time ago.  The history of the West is really quite intertwined with the idea of automation.  Standardizing parts that could be readily assembled such as a small rifle has been perfected into the building of such complex machines as commercial aircraft and automobiles.  Humans have long learned to work with machines and without machines, modern civilization as we know it would not exist. This is progress. However, along with this progress comes a reality that life is easier.  People do not need to work as before,Read More

The Raging Civil War in America – PT 1 – The Pharmaceutical Terror Wing

There is a civil war raging in America, it is just that nobody seems to see it, or even recognize how such might be so. The civil war is being waged on multiple fronts, but only one side seems to know it exists. Consequently, all the shots are being fired in one direction while those being targeted remain blissfully unaware that they are at war and that casualties are indeed being taken. There are those who are killed in action, wounded in action, and of course, missing in action. TheRead More

Hodeidah – End Game for Yemen Conflict?

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 16, 2018 was divided into three distinct discussions.  To open the show, we looked at the ongoing efforts by Emerati led factions to capture the international airport in Hodeidah, Yemen.  The assault on the international airport followed an apparent failed attempt by UAE and Saudi forces to land at the port of Hodeidah and overtake the port facility. Hour number 2 was filled with an interview by Mark Collett, author of “The Fall of Western Man”, while hour 3 was filled withRead More

A Discussion with Mark Collett – ITEL – 6.16.18

Mark Collett, the author of “The Fall of Western Man“ and host of “This Week on the Alt-Right“, appeared on Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, June 16, 2018.  Mark appears every Friday on the David Duke Show. Mark discussed his early (and successful) years with the BNP, where he joined the party at the ripe old age of 20 and went on to lead the youth division of the party before going on to handle graphic design for the BNP during the more successful period in the BNP’s history.Read More

Alison Chabloz and Louis Farrakhan – Jewish Driven Tyranny – ITEL PT – 6.14.18

Inside the Eye – Live! Prime Time! for Thursday, June 14, continued with the recent theme of highlighting Jewish group strategies and their resultant harm on Western civilization.  Of particular note for this show, we highlighted the recent “conviction” and sentencing of Alison Chabloz and looked at how Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam, recently say his staff get abused in Australia while Louis Farakhan himself saw him lose his Twitter verified status after highlighting the true evil that rests at the core of Jewish society andRead More

“The Fetch” – Tactically Expressing your Free Speech – ACH – 6.9.18

“The Fetch” made an special appearance on the Andrew Carrington Hitchcock show which was made available on an exclusive advance to Grizzom’s.  Entitled, “Tactically Expressing your Free Speech“, the Fetch discussed various strategies to enable people to openly discuss political issues in an environment where Jews and their agents seek at every opportunity to stifle and censor people’s inherent rights to freedom of speech. One of the first realities is to understand that we live in an era where Jews largely do not work in productive capacities, but instead areRead More

Jordanians Protest IMF Austerity – ITEL – 6.9.18

Inside the Eye – Live! for Saturday, June 9, discussed the evolving financial challenges facing the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan as the IMF seeks to coax Jordan’s government to further tax an increasingly taxed (and poor) population as the country tries to assuage the IMF in payments due on a US$723 million bridge loan that Jordan took out in 2016. A bloated, but not extravagantly paid, public sector, losses in traditional trade due to the Iraq and Syrian wars, as well as political differences of opinion with Saudi Arabia inRead More