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Beer Rationed in Europe as CO2 Production Fizzles – ITEL PT – 6.28.18

With the World Cup in full swing combined with a lingering heat wave in the United Kingdom, this week proved that it is a terrible time for the global warming policy makers to celebrate the fact the Europe is now facing…a carbon dioxide (CO2) shortage.

CO2, we come to learn, isn’t just a gas that global warming policymakers have targeted for elimination, the gas is also instrumental to the operation of modern civilization.  CO2 is used to make beers and soft drinks fizzle, add a day or two to the preservation of fresh meat, and as as a stunning agent in the slaughter of animals at commercial abattoirs.

And Europe doesn’t have enough of this gas.

The most visible consumer aspect is the rationing of beer in the UK as there simply isn’t enough CO2 to manufacture the demand for beer as demand has spiked with England’s advance to the round of 16 in the World Cup.  Further, the largest abattoir in Scotland has had to close operations, Coca Cola has been left scrambling for enough supplies to keep their production lines open, and the lack of dry ice (frozen CO2) means that online deliveries of frozen good by major UK online retailers has had to be curtailed.

The lack of CO2 has spread to Mexico, leaving buyers in Europe and Mexico having to search the global spot market for supplies.

If CO2 refiners in the UK come back online over the weekend, as forecast, this economically damaging situation should be short lived.

The ADL’s spying on American campuses and Greg Felton, author of The Host and the Parasite, completed the show.  A warning: Greg’s audio was rather difficult to listen to.

The full show is here.

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