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Ben Swann on ITEL Radio – 10.4.14

Ben Swann, from and John Kaminski from appeared on ITEL Radio on Saturday, October 4, 2014 in what was a quick 3 hours of informative entertainment.

Ben appeared in hour 2 of the show (11am Eastern). The interview was a refreshing break from the heavier geopolitics that is standard fare here at Inside the Eye Live!

Ben Swann – Veteran Broadcast Reporter


Ben Swann spent over 14 years in broadcast media. He worked his way from the ladder, beginning as a reporter, then moving to morning television anchor/reporter, and then ending his career as a prime time anchor.

Swann worked for 11 years in the television market in El Paso, Texas. He first worked at KFOX-TV as an anchor, reporter, managing editor and photographer.[5][10] He then moved to KTSM-TV, the NBC affiliate, where he anchored the evening news for three years and became one of the top names in the market.[10][11]

He left El Paso to become a TV news presenter at Cincinnati’s Fox 19 Evening News at Six and Fox 19 Ten O’Clock News with Tricia Macke,[12] During the 2 and one-half years Swann was part of the news team at Fox 19, it consistently placed second in ratings in the Cincinnati market.[2]

Swann served as a panel member on a 2012 3rd party candidates forum hosted by Larry King. – source, Wikipedia

Ben Swann is exceptionally social media savvy, having at pixel time 115,094 Facebook Fans, 44,546 Twitter subscribers, and 46,583 Youtube subscribers.

You can “get social” with Ben elsewhere at:

CBD’s and the “War on Drugs”

Ben Swann’s latest effort, published on just September 16, 2014, is an investigative effort surrounding the medical benefits of CBD’s, or Cannabinoids and the ongoing and evolving framing of “marijuana” and its constituent chemical compounds within the media and social debate.

This latest effort, “Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine” is Ben Swann’s contribution to this evolving debate, and quite a powerful piece of journalism is this contribution.

Funded through “crowd sourcing“, “Feds Says Cannabis Is Not Medicine While Holding The Patent on Cannabis as Medicine” is an excellent introductory report on the evolving understanding of the medical benefits of marijuana.


Ben Swann’s interview on ITEL Radio was fast and informative, covering this key issue, as well as quite a few additional issues from America’s “social safety net” and the attempt by the USG (United States Government) to control the channels of drug supplies into the United States.

You can hear the Ben Swann on ITEL Radio – 10.4.14 interview here:

You can hear the entire show, including the John Kaminski interview, here:

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