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“Blackbird 9” Guest Hosts Inside the Eye – Live! – 5.27.17

Frederick C. Blackburn, aka, “Blackbird 9”, guest hosted Inside the Eye – Live! on Saturday, May 27, 2017. The request to guest host the show was a literal last minute (within 12 hours) request in which Frederick eloquently rose to the occasion.

Hour #1 began with a small treatise on the necessity of maintaining food independence and how small rural communities are able to advance food independence through the opening and prospering of farmer’s markets. He compared the healthy nature home grown food provides against the bio-weaponry that is employed through the use of corporate agribusiness, be it from genetic modification at the seed level to injecting chemicals and “preservatives” at the end processed product.

Blackbird 9 covered the ongoing war between Jewish elites and their minions against Western civilization, and how this ongoing war has its roots in the fall of 2nd Jewish temple in the 70 A.D.

Jews and their ideology of “all out war”, or complete lack of any civilized conduct in the waging of wars, was but one advanced idea as part of an expose on the holiday known as Memorial Day in the United States.

Card Tricks – the development of the modern play card deck, completed a very rapid 3 hours of informative, entertaining radio. You can catch the entire show here:

ITEL Radio Full Show – 5.27.17

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